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RealCare Baby Reflection

No description

Taylor Thomas

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of RealCare Baby Reflection

During this program, I learned many things about being a parent to a infant. I learned the different cries and noises it makes and what each one of them meant. I learned that if I was hanging out with my friends and the baby started crying, I needed to be selfless and stop what I was doing to care for my baby. I learned that even if I had a plan, I had to be flexible around the baby's schedule. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Knowledge: Responsible parents need to have certain skills to be a good parent. These skills include, being selfless, patient, caring and calm. Throughout this program, I experienced situations with the baby that I had to use these skills. One situation included, when I went shopping and the baby kept crying because it needed my attention or to be fed and changed. During this instance I use the skill of being selfless because I had to put the baby's needs first instead of the checklist I needed to accomplish. I was patient because I had to figure out what the baby needed and wait until the baby was done with the care it needed. I was caring while caring for the baby because I had to be careful not to drop its head. I also stayed calm while the baby was screaming and being were staring at me. Situations: I think that the goal of this project was to learn the reality of being a single or teenage mom. Overall, I learned a lot from this project. I learned skills that I will bring with me and use when I have kids of my own. I also learned the sacrifice and discipline you need to have as a mom. Looking back at this experience, I don't think I am emotionally, financially or socially ready to have kids. RealCare Reflection Taylor Thomas P4 Skills and Attitudes: Responsible parents go through many situations everyday that make them a better more experienced parent. I went through a ton of situations I had to work through this weekend. Friday was the first night I had the baby. That night I went out to dinner with friends and got plenty of dirty looks. Later that night my friends were going to a party, but I couldn't because I had a baby. So, I just dropped them off and picked them up. Which made me feel left out, used, lonely and annoyed that my friends were having fun and I had to go home to take care of a baby. That night the baby was fussy for a few hours and then woke up at 6am. Saturday I had to go Christmas shopping while I was tired, crappy and stressed out when the baby would cry. I had to sit in the car and feed the baby, which changed my plan for the day for the baby's schedule. Responsible parents have to know about what their babies need. It is also important to know what things, like types of food, entertainment, and products are the best for your child. A responsible parent needs to know what is best for their child and sacrifice their own wants for their child's needs.
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