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The life on a Plantation

No description

Gene Monahan

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of The life on a Plantation

The life on a Plantation
Importances of Cash crops
Things like cash crops could help a planter out alot. Cash crops like tobacco, could make a planter get money because the crop had been sold to another person and that would make the person who sold the crop money.
What was a plantation?
A plantation is a piece of land under cultivation, and can also be a newly established settlement; a colony.
And typically grew one crop.
What Was Grown On Plantations?
Many things Such as cotton, sugarcane, coffee, rubber, and tobacco had been grown on plantations in the colonial times.
Who Lived on a Plantation?
Many people had lived on and been on plantations. People like enslaved men and women, planters, overseers, and so on.
By: Jonah Wilson
This is a picture of a Plantation
This is a picture of people growing crops (NOT SLAVES)
This is a picture of slaves
This is a picture of tobacco
Credits to these websites!
-Google images
Thanks for watching
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