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No description

Felipe Bezerra

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Comshalom

How to meet us
Portal Shalom
A virtual place for real interaction.
Invitation for a real experience with Jesus.
L'Osservatore Romano
Local and international news
What is going on in the Church
What is the Pope Saying.
"Not to know the Scriptures is not to know Christ," St. Jerome

"Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope" (1 Peter 3:15)

Social Media
The virtual continent is a reality
The Church is sending us there
Social media presence
Comunidade Shalom
Regional pages
Targeted pages
Missionário Shalom
Thank you.
Some facts about the internet:
Facebook has 100 million users more than the entire EU Population.
Twitter grew 1382% in Brazil (2008)
2.4 Billion people use the internet
70% of the internet users are in a social network

50 million users:
38 years
13 years
4 years
Facebook had in less than 1 year 200 million users
Actually the Church is leading the way
In a study conducted by The Global Language Monitor,
Pope Francis was the most discussed proper name on the internet
, eclipsing secular leaders, global celebrities, and proper names of places, organizations, and movements. Additionally, the Holy Father’s Twitter handle “@Pontifex” was the #4 ranked word.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan:
76k likes on Facebook
144k followers on Twitter (@CardinalDolan)
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle:
311k likes on Facebook
9k subscribers and more than 3 million views on YouTube
There is no such thing as a separation between online and offline. People connected are real people.
prayer groups
Skype counseling
chat on Facebook
News under the light of faith (15.710 hits)
Cinema (8.005 hits)
Bioethics (15.070 hits)
Deepening the faith.
5,672 talking about this
interaction factor 18.18%
5,301 talking about this
Interaction factor 35%
Shalom Rio de Janeiro
From 26/09 to 26/10
more than half a million hits
From 26/09 to 26/10
12.069 hits
From 26/09 26/10
97.321 hits
Missionário Shalom 69.565
Festival Halleluya 37.281
Felipe Bezerra



God Spoke to me through sms
Falling in love with Christ is to live the greatest of all romances, looking for Him the greatest of all adventures. Finding Him the greatest of all achievements "
St. Augustine
Open door and mirror,
two sides to comshalom.org
Found the Community and her vocation through the web site.

Vocational discernment with e-mail, youtube and Skype
editor web video
51 people sent us messages saying they would like to find an evangelization center shalom and asking for addresses;
5 people interested in bringing the artists community for parish events;
37 people making prayer requests;
19 people wanting to know more about vocational and sharing that they feel called to the community;
15 people witnessing and thanking our presence on social networks and our work of evangelization as a whole.
Leonardo Biondo
General director - Portal
Mila Marega
Chief Editor
Emanuele Sales
social media
Photographer and social media
It doesn't take too many people, and it isn't so hard to do. It takes organization, consistency, preparation and love.
17 prayer requests;
8 people asking where to find a mission;
5 people interested by our vocation;
65 people witnessing being touched by our posts;
Facebook (last 10 months)
Website (last 3 months)
222 people reached us to tell they were touched by our online evangelization
Both Founders are on twitter
@MoysesAzevedo (884 followers - 2 days)
@EmmirOquendo (3089 followers)
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