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Advertising to Children

Consumer Behaviour

Jas Shokar

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Advertising to Children

Advertising to Children Consumer Behavior 1299 Definitions
Factual Presentation
Production Prohibitions
Avoiding Undue Pressure
Promotions by Program Characters, Advertiser-Generated Charters, and Personal Endorsements
Price and Purchase Terms
Comparison Claims
Social Values
Substantiation Required
Code Administration Characters Used: Winx Club girls (Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa) Canadian Code for
Advertising to Children Transformers Winx Club Mini Wheats (Vanilla) The End Personal - joy and happiness
Adventure - feels like it will change the child's life and fill it with fun, adventure, and action
catches attention of kids by showing the toy features
shows battles of the superior figures Characters Used: Transformers team (Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime, etc.) Appeals: Appeals: Social - acceptance, need to have one to be a part of a group
Personal - self esteem, joy
cute, preppy girls
"perfect" vibe, magical fairies that any little girl would want Side note: Toy commercials nowadays tend not to have children playing with the toys in the commercial. It plays on the psychological factor of ownership. Some examples are as follows: -food commercials wouldn't show a person eating the intended food
-when buying/showing houses, people are never inside Mini Wheats characters, village characters, lady friend Mini Wheat Rational - breakfast is sugary but contains fibre and other good things as demonstrated for kids
Brand - Kellogs is well known
Play on words - repetition, catchy song
illustrates a fun time
yummy and nutritious Characters Used: Appeals: Presented by: Alanna Haines, Kevin Hoàng, Jas Shokar, Mikayla Halvorson, Jessica Chauhan & Marjan Mahmud Side note: Side Note: “Advertisers not only feature cartoon or other characters from children's television programs to gain their endorsement for their products (known as host selling) but they sometimes even place those advertisements in the breaks of the television programs about those characters, thus blurring the distinction between programming and advertising and taking advantage of the affection children feel for those characters.” -Sharon Beder Sometimes we noticed that during the commercial breaks two products
of the same brand would have two seperate commercials consecutively following each other, making it look like one commercial. For example: the Power Rangers Samurai advertisement
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