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Silas Marner

Group 5

Laura D

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Silas Marner

Silas Marner Summary of Chapter 5: -Silas Marner came from a town called Lantern Yard.
- He was a respected member of the church, but was falsely accused of stealing money.
- His best friend, WIlliam Dane, stole the money, and framed Silas so that he could marry Silas's fiancee.
-Silas was forced to leave Lantern Yard in disgrace.
- He lost faith in God, and his trust in other people. The Incident in Lantern Yard By,
Catherine Stephens
Charis Kambolis
Laura Davey Group 5 - Silas Marner returns home, not suspecting that anything is wrong
- The gold is missing
- Silas frantically searches the cottage to no avail
- He gets the idea that a thief has taken it
- He goes to the Rainbow pub to report it to the townspeople Why did Silas move to Raveloe? - Silas moved to Raveloe to start a new life: "Minds that have been unhinged from their old faith and love, perhaps sought this...exile, in which the past becomes dreamy because its symbols have all vanished" Silas Marner's Character & Appearance •Silas Marner is a pallid, old-looking man with grey hair and poor eyesight (myopia). He is considered to be odd-looking,
•He has brown, bulging eyes, which intimidate some of the locals of Raveloe.
•He is a skilled Weaver
•He is very anti-social, with no friends or family present in Raveloe and is known for his erratic behaviour.
•He cares only for money, having no interest in forming friendships or relationships with anyone in the village whatsoever.
•He is much more knowledgeable than the villagers Isolation & Change •Silas was extremely religious.
•He used to be simple and trusting with a self-doubting nature.
•Silas no longer cared about what people think of him.
•He became a miser and a recluse.
•He used to enjoy drawing but stopped after leaving the church.
•The only joy in his life came from his money. . • Silas obsesses over his gold and counts it every night
• His money represents his happiness
• Money stolen= happiness stolen
• When he discovers that it had been stolen, he was initially in a state of shock and disbelief and then begins to panic Silas's Feelings Towards his Gold Silas Marner's Vocation W Silas is regarded by the villagers as: Silas Marner's Physical Handicap - Silas suffers from rheumatism
- He suffers from myopia
- He also has epilepsy (which causes his fits) Silas Marner's Special Talent - He can supposedly cure people's rheumatism.
- He can cure people with herbs. Silas's thoughts and actions after losing the gold •At first Silas’s heart gave a violent leap.
•He did not believe that the gold was gone.
•He felt incredible terror, and desperate to relieve the terror.
•He started shaking so violently that the candle he was holding fell from his hands
•He wondered if he had put it somewhere else and forgot about it.
•“A man falling into dark waters seeks a momentary footing even on sliding stones”
•He searched the cottage thoroughly, even turning over the bed, then he searched it again.
Then he gave a “wild ringing scream” of desolation.
•After this he went back to work at his loom.
•A while later, he began to get the idea that a thief had taken it.
•He thought that Jem Rodney, a poacher, had stolen it.
•Silas decided to report it to the villagers because they might be able to restore it to him. Silas Marner's Comfort When Silas is desperate after losing the gold. he takes comfort in his work, the only other thing in his life that matters to him. He also turned to the loom for support when he was forced out of Lantern Yard. Silas Marner's Hope After going through despair at his loss, Silas has the notion that a thief had taken the gold. This was good, because a thief could be made to give the gold back. The action his hope leads Silas Marner to take Silas has no clue about how to find a thief, so he has no choice but to beg for help from the villagers, who are at the Rainbow pub. He is so desperate he runs out into the rain with no coat or hat, leaving the door unlocked. - Untrustworthy
- Shrouded in mystery (because they did not know his origins or his mother and father)
- Completely alien
- Far too clever
-Possessed by evil (because of his fits)
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