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Trip to los Llanos

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Transcript of Trip to los Llanos

Trip to los Llanos
By María Beatriz Valdivieso Márquez
Grade 6A
I like to show you the trip to los llanos, what I learn about this trip, which is my point of view about this trip. Also I will refresh your memories and put some information about this visit to los Llanos Orientales.
I hope you enjoy this blog.

I loved this place but the only thing I want to propose is: That all animals could have more space to live and not have to live locked in their assigned places.
Parque de los Ocarros
Route map
Interesting facts
Distance between Puerto Lopez and Puerto Gaitan
Puerto López, Meta
1 hour 40 minutes, in bus to
Puerto Gaitán, Meta
109.8 km of distance.

The geographical center of the country , also known as the navel of Colombia made by the teacher Miguel Roa.
Is located at a distance of 90 km from Villavicencio
At the base of the obelisk on the central floor is the map of the center of Colombia .
East Face: locates the observer in the place geographically.
North Face : represents the folklore.
West Face: represents the economic framework of Meta.
South side : pre-Columbian past .
( Geographical center of Colombia)
Differences and Similarities
Similarities: Both of as are very social people, we love music.

Differences: They enjoy what they are given , we also just that we asked for more and more and more things.
This are some of the differences and similarities with the people of Llanos.
I love this school, the people was so friendly with us, I propose, they can make a park for the little children.
The school
(Policarpa Salvarrieta Education Center)
The culture in the department of Meta, is its diverse varieties of personalities such as music, art, typical foods and natural landscapes.


I loved this trip, it was a very good experience,I known better many people and something that impressed me a lot is that I known myself, I could do things I never had.
Thanks to all Dad, Mom, Sister, Miss Beto, Catherine, James, Juliana, Paloma, George, Fabian, Philip, Michael, Matthew, Juan manuel, Vale and Camilo.
Thank you because without you the trip would not have been better.
New Things
I learn many things, the people of Llanos is very funny, they love dance and sing.
The trip start at 7:00 A.M. with an hour delay schedule, misinformation given by the bus driver .
We were : Miss Beto , Paloma Toledo, Juliana Cruz, Catalina Aristizabal , Santiago Aristizabal , Jorge Luis León, Felipe Rojas, Fabian Guzman , Juan Manuel Romero, Michael Martinez , Matthew Erazo , Maria Beatriz Márquez Valdivieso , Valentina , Camilo ( bluefields Instructors ) Mr.driver .
After three (3) hours of travel , we arrived at the Los Ocarros park, note : different kinds of monkeys , ocarros , otters , snakes , parrots, macaws, a bird that looked like an owl , we were informed by placed billboards within the park , the vast majority of these animals are living species.
After lunch we were able to meet some of the Meta river, while one is solved a difficulty on track. By late afternoon we arrived at the hotel Lakes Menegua where we were staying four nights . There we called " contract value " .
First Day
Nov 12,2013
Second Day
Nov 13,2013
In the morning we did a walk through a forest we reach for breeding fishes, we were informed of the growth of the fish, we caught the end on a lake. Later in a car we headed to the camping area and we were instructed on how to pitch a tent, there we were, we play grounding, bathe in a lake, around a spring and all perfectly lying made a reflection on life staff did around a campfire and tell stories of her Greek mythology.

Third day
Nov 14,2013
After a little training we kayak in one of the lakes, we passed through areas of algae and found a small storm, Paloma and I were back at the end of two (2) hours back to the dock. After two (2) groups (Tortugitas sexys and Homigas Rojas) did the ecochallenge: we had to grill two (2) people (in my group were Matthew and Paloma) Symbolically had a sick partner then what azamos to safety, (in our group was Matthew and Miss Beto I had to hold him back more than ten (10) because Santiago and Juan Manuel they weigh much, then because of the heat that was making throw us a river. played with mud Al Late afternoon back to the hotel, where a sleepover one (1) hour was scheduled.
In the morning we visited a public school , dialogue with students of different grade levels , on different topics of their experience escolar.We travel on a public bus to make that visit.
In the afternoon after teaching us to place the tools or items to saddle a horse , then ride through the Surroundings of the hotel, even when the rain stopped us from continuing. We ended up at the hotel and the ecochallenge finally did the farewell sleepover in the room of the boys.
Fourth Day
Nov 15,2013
After packing our belongings began to return to Bogota through the obelisk monument to Colombia considered the geographic center of Colombia , each effect purchases, then visited the unicentro of Villavicencio beyond lunch and we headed to the city of Bogota , where arrived at 5:00 PM to the place agreed in advance to where we were or received by our family .
Final Day
Nov 16, 2013
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