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The promotion mix of Nivea sun cream

No description

Rita Wu

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of The promotion mix of Nivea sun cream

The promotion mix of Nivea sunscreen
Public Relations
magazine press
Title Sponsor for Activities
Partnership with research of the UK
Donations to or participation in charity events.

To establish a brand identity (giving the product an image)

To show that Nivea cares about people health.(healthy cosmetic)
Football Sponsorship
To increase its sales for male products.

Let audience accept the advertisement without noticing.

From male interest.
Well-known German company

Skin care products

Nivea came to the world in 1911

History over 100 years
Nine categories
bath care, body care, deodorant, face care, lip care, men’s care, Nivea cream, Nivea soft, sun care.
The most important factors in deciding on the specific promotional mix
Cosmetic : The main target audience is female. Women read magazines more than newspaper when they look for skincare information.

Low Price: Make sales promotion essential to attract consumers.

Brand Reputation: People only buy trustworthy products especially for suncream, which makes public relations important.

Various Products: Different suncream for different skin types
makes sales Promotion and Advertising crucial.

Suggestions For The Better Future
More personal selling as keeping the low price.

Celebrity endorsements in advertising, increasing the chances of the product being remembered.

Cooperate with the other company when a product is in the decline stage.

Official Online store with variable sales promotions.
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Sun Cream
Very important to Nivea

Sun care products worth upwards of 73.6 million pound in UK alone.
Comparing to other sun cream products
1. Good reputation & good quality
2. Well known brand, which have been trusted for many years
3. The price is reasonable
4. Different prices(some may cost 40 to 50 dollars, but some just cost 10 dollars)

5. Social commitment:

NIVEA has become a true family member in homes around the world. For this reason, caring for families beyond their skin comes naturally to us.
6. Too many competitors

7. No official online shop

8. Prices are too low
(unpopular brand)


types of sun cream
Sales Promotion
Keep NIVEA products sold

people will not forget about this old brand and keep impressing people with new products not to let people think NIVEA is old fashioned.

Categories of sales promotion:

Reduction of price
(cheaper than competitors)

Buy one get one free
(let people gain extra advantage )

Giving samples
(anywhere, allowing people to touch, feel and smell)


Advertising is very important when a business wants to sell its products as advertisements create brand awareness of existence of the products.
This is a way of communication with current and potential customers which is done through the media and informs a lot of people at once.
Nivea also has been advertised through social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and etc.
Nivea adopted a method of promoting their products with the help of famous persons.
Examples of Advertisements
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