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Triumph Motorcycles Triumphs!

No description

Marian Americans

on 12 March 2012

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Transcript of Triumph Motorcycles Triumphs!

Lets start with a brief timeline of the company... What is Triumph Motorcycles? Ducati, Triumph's competitor, currently has a partnership with a powerful apparel brand, puma Global motorcycle company
Established in England in 1902 by Siegfried Bettmann
Provided bikes for troops during WWI/WWII Why Triumph? Pride themselves on being unique and distinctive in character
High quality
Deep heritage Issues faced by Triumph Decreased market share
Diminished brand recognition
Weak value compared to competitors
Disproportionate emphasis on quality over innovation Why are the issues important? Ensure continued growth
Expand market share globally
Promote brand to become more competitive
Preserve heritage and quality What are the main strategies? Strategy I
Establish a manufacturing facility in North America
Why implement strategy I
Pound estimated to strengthen against dollar according to Barclay Capital
Reduced/eliminated shipping costs and tariffs - eventually translate to lower cost to customer & increased value

Strategy II
Introduce a superbike (Litre-bike) to gain market share internationally
Why implement strategy II?
Currently no superbikes in production
Price comparison among existing sportbike and competition:
Kawasaki ZX6-R ; $10,999
Ducati 848 ; $13,999
Honda CBR 600rr ; $11,199
Triumph Daytona 675 ; $13,756

Here are the facts
Factories in Europe and Thailand
3,000 employees worldwide
50,000 bikes sold in 2010
Sales to 35 different countries
16% of the European market share
25% of total sales to North America
16 models, including 2 sportbikes
Strategy II cont.
Establish partnerships with renowned business' Strategy II cont...more.
Enter superbike racing circuit
Offer more extensive customisation packages to motorcycles similar to that of Jaguar
Utilize heftily established dealer network - 750 worldwide Encore
What have we learned? "Just do your job!"
-Professor Peter Rosen Summary
Opportunities exist to return as a market leader
Offer more innovative products
Deliver an increased value to the shareholders
Maintaining Siegfried Bettmann's vision of a racing history Useful Links:

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