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Simple Sentences

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Allison Starks

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Simple Sentences

A refresher course Simple Sentences Starters What the heck is a subject? Test yourself! SUBJECTS!

http://depts.dyc.edu/learningcenter/owl/exercises/subjects_ex1.htm A subject is just PART of sentence! To make a whole sentence you need A subject=the WHO or WHAT of a sentence Person Place Thing SUBJECTS can be... Nouns Pronouns Subjects
Thing I
We Him
Them Pronouns take the place of nouns... Watch this video So instead of saying... Psy created Gangnam Style. We can say... He created Gangnam Style. Instead of saying... Percy Jackson visits Las Vegas. We can say... Percy Jackson visits it. Instead of saying... I want to buy an iPhone. We can say... I want to buy it. SUBJECT VERB STOP

Fill in the first page of your notes section
You can use this Prezi to help you
AND your notes from Ms. Starks' video Remember our

SENTENCE TEST! 1) Who or what did or is something?

2) What did they do? Use the sentence test: Who or what did or is something? He is. He What did he do? is. He is. Is this a sentence? Action Verbs State of Being
Verbs VERBS sing run smile is am were are was be been Remember! is = a state of being VERB http://lessons.englishgrammar101.com/EnglishGrammar101/Module1/Lesson1-6.aspx TEST YOURSELF! VERBS! Let's review: You know: what a SUBJECT is
what a VERB is
What makes a sentence Time to practice!

Turn your notes page over and complete the practice problems!
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