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My name is Bartolomeo J. Simpson, please callme Bart, I am 8

No description

mau garba

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of My name is Bartolomeo J. Simpson, please callme Bart, I am 8

Family activities
My name is Bartolomeo J. Simpson,
please call me Bart,
I am 8 and I live in Springfield
This is my family.
He is Homer, he works in
the nuclear power plant,
he always drinks beers and
he usually watches TV but he never
practices sports.
She is my mother her name is Marge, she is a housewife,
she often stays in home and she never forgets to make the dinner
she is my ugly sister; Lisa, she always does her homework and sometimes she plays the sax,
but she doesn´t have friends because she is a nerd.
She my little sister Maggie
she does...umm I think
she always eats and sleeps
but she never speaks
Ask to a partner
Say your Dad or Mom´s name
What does he or she do?
Do you have brothers or sisters?
Now, follow the Bart´s model and
first: Write about your family
second: present to the rest of the group
or publish it on the Facebook to the teacher´s wall.
report to the rest of the group
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