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Career Shadowing

Asher Halls Career shadowing day- I career shadowed Mathew Didway, a youth Director at shepherd Road Presbyterian Church

Asher Hall

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

My Career shadowing day By Asher Hall I career shadowed Mathew Didway
The youth director at Shepherd Road
Presbyterian Church Where will this company be in 15 years? They want to have a youth facility for ages 6th through 12th grade. As well as a multipurpose sports fields and park area for the community. Matt hopes that his leadership can take them as for as he can to develop the leaders and students to make this possible. In 15 years shepherd rd Presbyterian church hopes to be a major outreach to the Lakeland community.
What employability skills are needed to work for this company?
You must be VERY patient to be a youth pastor. Able to relate to students of all ages and also mature enough to handle large group trips, train adult leaders, very organized, and able to raise funds for all the activities that the youth group goes on. The best youth pastors are able to be fun a goofy with the kids and also able to work with adults in business and volunteers. Average salary and education needed to work there
You need a college degree and makes around $32,000.00 Technology used in this job
A good cell phone with web access and lots of texting. A portable laptop with Microsoft office and wireless internet. They also need to know how to work a sound system for a band speakers and also a projector. Skills needed for this job
Must be very friendly and able to approach strangers in all walks of life. They need to be able to talk with new students deal with parents, work with a board, work with school officials, and with all types of people Oh yeah, he's getting Married!
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