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Panama / Peer Instruction

No description

Derek Bruff

on 22 April 2017

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Transcript of Panama / Peer Instruction

Misconception Questions
Student Perspective Questions
"Colourful army," maistora, Flickr
Critical Thinking Questions
"Something's Gotta Give," Cyron, Flickr
"m i n i mnms," inajeep, Flickr
"Bronze Age Balance," diffendale, Flickr
Kuhn (1992)
Kuhn (1992)
Kuhn (1992)
Peer Instruction
Instructor poses question.
Students answer independently.
Instructor views results.
If most answer correctly, briefly discuss question.
If most answer incorrectly, backtrack.
If students are split, have them discuss in pairs and revote.
Instructor leads classwide discussion.
"Questions," Oberazzi, Flickr (CC)
Good Questions, Deep Learning
"Groups that are too much alike find it harder to keep learning, because each member is bringing less and less information to the table."

James Surowiecki, "The Wisdom of Crowds"
Peer Assessment Questions
"Score Cards," Poundcommapound, Flickr
Yourstone, Kraye, & Albaum (2008)
Difference in exam scores for clickers vs. pencil-and-paper end-of-class quiz takers
Research on Clickers
Formative Assessment
"Macbook X-Ray," Pipeapple, Flickr (CC)
Agile Teaching
"29 valley," Simon Williams, Flickr (CC)
Details: http://derekbruff.org/?p=3117
Application Questions
Practice with Feedback
"Little Shredder," clappstar, Flickr (CC)
Times for Telling
Schwartz & Bransford (1998)
Photos by Kat Keller, Flickr (CC BY)
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