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The Outsiders

No description

Jason Guo

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of The Outsiders

Brief summary of Chapter 9: the FIGHT between the 'greaser's and 'Soc's' and a hero's death.
Main Characters
Details Setting
Three Cool Facts :D
Susan Eloise Hinton chose to use only her first and middle initials (S. E.) when it came time to publish her first book, because she thought that boys would not read her book if they knew a girl had written it.
Chapter 9
The Outsiders

The rumble between the greasers and the Socs is set for 7 p.m. that night. Pony swallows down five aspirins while no one is looking; he is still successfully hiding his illness.

- Still uncertain about the rumble, Pony questions everyone's motivation for the fight: "Soda fought for fun, Steve for hatred, Darry for pride, and Two-Bit for conformity." Pony can only think of one good reason to fight — self-defense.

-Dally knows that Johnny is dying ,so he and Ponyboy rush to the hospital. Once there, they tell him about their victory against but Johnny replies " Useless... FIghting is no good..."

- Johnny's last words to Ponyboy were " Stay gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold......"

What does Ponyboy think about the Rumble?
Main Idea
To not be influenced by your peers.
Be yourself.
To find your own identity :)
PonyBoy, Stay

Hinton was trained to be a teacher, but she never taught. After her practice-teaching, she realized she became too emotionally involved with her students’ life stories.
Hinton’s realistic perspectives of life in her novels changed the trend in books written for young adults.
What were Johnny's last words?
What word is the third word on the 4th line of page 169?
Here, Johnny urges Ponyboy to remain gold, or innocent. Johnny now senses the uselessness of fighting; he knows that Ponyboy is better than the average greaser, and he wants Ponyboy to hold onto the golden qualities that set him apart from his companions.
WHo threw the first punch?

The rumble took place at 7pm at the vacant lot, the environment was dark and eerie and hostile

Only pair that can be visibly seen is Darry and Paul, which are illuminated clearly by an overhead street lamp.

Johnny is in a critical condition and is dying in hospital. Due to the injuries sustained from their church rescue.

Where did the fight take place?
Main Idea
"… they used to be friends, and now they hate each other because one has to work for a living and the other comes from the West Side. They shouldn't hate each other . . . I don't hate the Socs anymore . . . ."
Ponyboy talks about Darry and his opponent Paul Holden, how they used to be friends but because of their social class and status they now hate each other. Darry hates Paul because he's Jealous of his education , and relatively easier life. Ponyboy also thinks that Darry is ashamed to be associated with the greaser's, he believes Darry deserves a lot better. Darry couldve easily been a Soc, however for his brothers he gave up that opportunity. Instead he works to support his brothers.

Use four words to describe how PonyBoy felt about the fight.
Fighting is absolutely pointless, there is nothing good that you can get of it. It just creates bigger problems.

Violence doesn't solve anything
Friends are like family
Main Idea
"I am a greaser. I am a JD and a hood. I blacken the name of our fair city. I beat up people. I rob gas stations. I am a menace to society. Man, do I have fun!"
-Soda chants this as they leave the house for the rumble
This chant begins the role-playing game, in which Two-Bit and Darry pretend to be Socs. The game makes them get excited about their rumble, but at the same time it shows how aware they are of their appearance to the rest of society.


Two Bit- Conforming to social expectations-
“ Shoot everyone fights. “ Showing that he fights , so that he can fit in with all the other greasers.

His fun and adventurous approach towards life is clearly portrayed through this chapter. Ponyboy asks him why he likes to fight and Soda replies: “ It’s action. It’s a contest. Like a drag race or dance or something.” Sodapop doesn’t see the seriousness of fighting but enjoys a ‘competition’

Ponyboy - we learn that violence is pointless. Fighting does not solve anything, it will only create bigger problems.
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