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Stargirl By:Jerry Spinelli

No description

Olivia Villafranco

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Stargirl By:Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl By:Jerry Spinelli Rising Action & Conflict Setting & Characters CLIMAX!! Falling Action & Resolution Setting Arizona & Mica High Characters Leo Stargirl Archie Hilari Leo is a protagonist and one of the books main characters.He is a 15 year old boy that thinks Stargirl's differences are amazing! Stargirl is a protagonist and the books MAIN character.She is new at Mica High and she is not like any of the others. Archie is an old man that helps all of the students at Mica High he is also a good friend of Stargirls Hillari Kimble is an antagonist.In the book she is the "Most popular girl in school" and she dislikes Stargirl because she is different. Rising Action & Conflict The rising action of the story is when Stargirl first comes to Mica High .The conflict of the story is Stargirl is very different and she is disliked for what she wears,being kind,and giving gifts on holidays. CLIMAX!!!!!! The climax of the story is when Leo realizes that Stargirl's differences make her special. Falling Action & Resolution The falling action of the book is when Stargirl goes to the Ocotillo Ball and was caught in the middle of drama with Hillari.The resolution is when Stargirl leaves the ball and she was not seen again. Leo later looked for her at her house but their was a for sale sign and he is left wondering if he will ever see Stargirl again Theme The theme of Stargirl is that it is okay to be different!!! Point Of View The point of view is 1st person because the story is told by Leo. Foreshadow or Flashback A flashback in my book was when Stargirl told Leo why she gives people gifts and Leo looks back to when he received a gift on his birthday from an unknown person who he thinks was Stargirl Dare To Be Different!!!!
Thanks For Watching Plot The plot is Susan (Stargirl} Caraway 2nd book called "Love,Stargirl" is about letters that Stargirl sends to Leo
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