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AOP Responses to Marginalization

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Leslie Shafran

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of AOP Responses to Marginalization

Argument Two:
(Markman, 2011)
Food for Thought

Introduction: Gender & Heteronormativity

Presented By:
Leslie Shafran
Lauren Van Camp
Nisha Subramaniam
Matthew Cho
Jenny Barber
Erin Garbett
Ashley Deven
This is who we are:

Queering Asian Masculinities
Marriage Equality:

Homosexuality and The Medical Model
The Office Homophobe
Power, Inequality and Identification: Exploring Diversity and Intersectionality amngst LGB Adults
Ann Cronin & Andrew King
Power, Inequality and Identification: Exploring Diversity and Intersectionality amngst LGB Adults
Ann Cronin & Andrew King
Theories of Diversity& Intersectionality:

Acknowledge identity as central to belonging and recognize problems older LGB adults may encounter
Theories of intersectionality:
Identifies intersections of multiple identities that vary within different contexts
Theories of diversity:
Questioning Gender and Sexuality Binaries: What Queer Theorists, Transgendered Individuals, and sex researchers can teach Social Work
Beverly A. Mcphail
The opression model in Social Work & Social Work Educatoin
Relationship between participant's biography and braoder social-order of society
Old-old (75+ years)
reached adulthood prior to Gay Liberation Movement (GLM)
more likely to have drawn on culturally dominant constructions of homosexuality as deviant when constructing their own self image
more likely will have adoptedlife-long survival strategies; secrecy & passing
Young-old (50-64 years) & Old (65-74 years)
reached adulthood during birth/period
greater access to alternative, more celebratory psoitive representations
more likely to belong to social networks and communities, lobby for services
critiques of the opression model & identity politics
Conservative critique
Postmodern & queer theorists
Critiques by transgendered persons, intersexual activists, bisexuals, and sex researchers
tensions integrating new perspectives in social work
Incorporating new perspectives: Reccomendations
He for she campaign
Cronin & King
Critical question
How sexuality intersects with age, gender, and socio-economic status as related to issues of retirement, social netorks and care
gender inequalities salient with regards to finance and retirement
ageing plus sexuality - misnomer without consideration to socially situated biographical context
(cis)Women’s Only Spaces and Vancouver Rape Relief
"Unlike diversity theories which take identities as central categories of belonging, intersectionality emphazes biographical diversity and complexity, it fractures simplistic identifications and understandings" (p.886).
"We cannot agree that sex is a mater of subjectivity alone. We do not agree that every person that honestly claims to be a woman or to wish to be a woman is one. We think that body parts, human history, growing up experiences, social shaping all matter."
Are there resiliencies that can arise from the intersectionality of queer and old age? What are they? How can we support, or build them?
"There's no place for the state in the
bedroom of the nation"
Established norm pre 1999
1999 M. v. H.
2001 Rev. Brent Hawkes
2002 - 2003 Court Proceedings
Bill C-38 - The Civil Marriage Act
Who are you?
When did you know?
the source of oppression and the potential
site of
liberation.” (p.5)
“Conservatives often argue that such politics are largely divisive, give special rights to undeserving populations, and promote a
Butler (1999) states that “This Conception of gender presupposed not only a causal relation among sex, gender, and desire, but suggests as well that desire reflects or expresses gender and that gender reflects or expresses desire. The metaphysical unity of the three is assumed to be truly known and expressed in a differentiating desire for an oppositional gender- that is, in form oppositional heterosexuality.” (as cited in McPhail 2004, p.7)

Feinberg (1996) states: “Therefore, all human beings have the right to define their own gender identity regardless of chromosomal sex, gentialia, assigned birth sex, or initial gender role; and further, no individual shall be denied Human or Civil rights by virtue of a self-defined gender identity which is not an accord with chromosomal sex, genitalia, assigned birth sex, or
initial gender role.” (as cited in McPhail 2004, p. 12)
Critiques from those “..whose bodies and experiences challenge the very notion of stable, concrete identities and sexualities.”(p 9)
“Transgendered persons illustrate the limitations of such binary systems, and their experiences provide some of the basis for postmodern and queer theory.” (p. 9)
“...although gender may be a social construct, sexism is real and although
"When working with persons around issues of gender and sexuality, do not make assumptions about their practices, desires, attitudes based on a category. Ask questions. encourage the person to develop their own narrative rather than conform to a category that has been constructed, whether dominant or marginalized groups have constructed it.” (p17-19)
How do you feel about this campaign using gender binaries to make gender equality more engaging for dominant society? Are
(Vancouver Rape Relief, 2006, para. 8-9).
(Trudeau, 1967)
“Group identity is viewed as both
heterosexuality/homosexuality may be a social construct, heterosexism and homophobia are not.” (p. 15)
there any benefits to approaching a campaign for gender equality in this way and how does this further marginalize women and nonbinary identified people?
Gordon Pon

“Orientalism operates to otherize Asian bodies and historically position those bodies as belonging outside nation-states such as Canada.” (p. 96)
“Asian North American men are both materially and psychically emasculated by discourse such as orientalism. This feminization of Asian men is
There was resistance to this representation of Asian men through cultural nationalism.
Cultural nationalism was used strategically as a way to challenge the discourses around Asian masculinity.

predicated on differentiating them from the normative western male, who is white, masculine, and heterosexual...Asian males are conflated with the stereotyped female who is seen as weak, timid, and demure” (p. 97).
However, critics said this approach reinforced a “dominant system of compulsory heterosexuality
and attendant misogyny and homophobia” (p. 98) Moreover, these approaches were seen to reproduce dominant discourses that recreated binary notions of masculine and feminine.

Pon argues that Eng’s Queer Approach makes room for contradiction and fluid identities

Queering Asian Masculinities
Gordon Pon

In the quest for alternative masculinities vulnerability is not regarded as weakness and what are seen as feminine traits are not devalued.

• 1968 - official medicalization

• 1987 – official de-medicalization

• Spinoff effects from the practice of
• From criminalization to medicalization

• Constructions and discourses around homosexuality as a disorder
What is medicalization?
medicalizing homosexuality
Alternative masculinities can involve “decoupling of masculinity from paramountcy and invincibility that is the traditional burden of manhood” (p.107)
Removing oneself from these limitations “opens space for alternative masculinities that can... express outrage at racist portrayals of Asian men but also recognize the beauty, complexity and sensitivities of Asian men’s subjectivities.”(p.108)

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“use continuums of gender and sexualities rather than discrete categories in diagrams, explanations, and models”

"Include postmodern and queer theories in social work curriculum as another stance along a epistemological continuum for the profession’s consideration”
"Present to students and support the
International Bill of Gender Rights”










Thank you!
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