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Who was Charlie Walker?

No description

Michelle Guzman

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Who was Charlie Walker?

Who was Charlie Walker?
What did he do?

Charlie Walker was born on July 8th, 1890 Charlie died in February 5, 1993 at 103 years old. He was born in Georgia and moved down to Florida to work with his brother at a hotel in Clearwater. Later he moved to Tampa and sent for his family.
Citrus Park Elementary School first opened in 1911 and it was named after the area in which it is located. It was constructed by Charlie Walker and others. That school house still stands and is known as the "little red school house", the oldest school in Hillsborough County. The school started as a one-room school house teaching grades 1 through 8. Making the move to accommodate growing population, a partition was added in 1924 to upgrade the facility to two classrooms.

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In 1926-1927, the school was moved to a corner of the property and used as a community center while a new building was constructed. 1946 saw the Little Red School House converted into the Citrus Park Elementary's first lunchroom.
Today, the original Little Red School House still stands on school grounds and is a familiar landmark in the rapidly growing community of Citrus Park.
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