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Formula student presentation

No description

Adam Ball

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Formula student presentation

Testing Chassis Drivetrain Pedal Box Accumulator Suspension CAN Introduction Thank you Coefficient of friction
Wheel speed
Steering angle Multiple uses
Current status
Future Targets NR8 Accumulator critique
Boston Power cells, low continuous power
A123 cells and Manzanita BMS
NR9 Accumulator design
Design consultation with Mavizen CAN - Objectives
Improve wiring of NR9
Understand and source CAN components CAN - Features
Standard Message Frame
Error Checking
Widely adopted, automotive standard CAN-Setup CAN - Progress
Communication of sensor data
Two node network, send and receive
Currently integrating standard CAN component Objective summary
Analysis of previous cars
Design of NR9
Increased focus on;
Testing and data analysis
Regenerative braking
Torsional stiffness Onboard datalogging achieved
Vibration issues
Clarification or approximate µ values
Future refinement Regenerative braking How to implement
Drawbacks Problems with NR8
Conservative µ What are the differences to previous designs?
Introduced efficient regenerative braking Conclusion Significant contribution to NR9 design
Solid foundation based on investigation of testing
Direction change efficiently managed Torsional Stiffness
Mass NR2
Actual value : 737 Nm/deg
ANSYS value : 779 Nm/deg NR9 Design
Modular configuration
64% lighter
Great accessibility Simulation Newcastle Racing Formula Student Team Team members:
James Abbotson
Chris Austen
Adam Ball
Joseph Bargh
Peter Fiddes
Robert Halliday
Aidan Spink
Dorian Walker NR NR8 Vehicle preparation
Fault finding
Suspension setup
Drive train installation
Motor controller programming
Battery charging
Safe operating procedure
BMS investigation
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