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The Secret Life of Menus

Brief introduction to the basics of menu psychology and engineering.

T.E. Watkins

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of The Secret Life of Menus

The Secret Life of Menus Menu Psychology and Engineering I Want to sell YOU what Makes me the most $ its all about gross profit
the difference between menu price and my cost of goods sold
I am not manipulating you,
I guiding you to the item I want you to buy How Popular is the Dish? How profitable is the dish? Star Puzzle Plow Dog (It's a goner) Prefered menu placement Prime category real estate Preferred Menu Placement = Gaze Pattern Prime Category Placement Middle gets forgotten Place labor intensive items in the center First Last Puzzle 109 sec 109 sec Target Market
Recipes Design Tricks
Pop Boxes
Sizzle Words The Pain Of Paying
No Dollar Signs $ On menus Descriptive
Nostalgia 20% Grandma's buttery Scottish shortbread cookies Never draw attention to prices
hide them at the end of the menu description 8% .99 is Value not Quality
Profit Popular Profit http://www.alinea-restaurant.com/ -gregg
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