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How did Mongolia Spread it's culture?

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태현 김

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of How did Mongolia Spread it's culture?

So, What is a CULTURE?
There are lots of kinds of cultures, such as
What countries have been affected by Mongolia?
How did Mongolia spread it's culture?
1. Force - Genghis Khan
2. Tourism
How is Mongolian culture evident in Jeju Island?
When Mongolia ruled Korea in 13th century, Mongolians came to Jeju island and called "Jeju" to "Tamla". Mongolians used Jeju island for raising their horses and went to fight against Japan. Therefore, the horse in Jeju island is originally from Mongolian horses. They are small, but have really strong endurance.
How did Mongolia Spread it's culture?
1. Traditional Culture
2. Food Culture
3. Musical Culture
4. Sports Culture
culture is the way of life
1. Russia
2. Korea
Where is Mongolia?
Mongolia is a landlocked state in East and Central Asia. To the North, it is bordered by Russia and to the south, east and west by China. Its western-most point is just 38 kilometres from Kazakhstan's eastern tip although it does not share a border with Kazakhstan.
Russia is the country right next to Mongolia. Russia ruled by Mongolia for about 250 years in 13 to 15th century. By looking at the armor of Russia, it looks quite different from Western armor style. By the other hand, it's similar with Mongolian armors.
quite similar :D
During 13 to 14th century, Mongolia ruled Korea for about hundred years. Mongolia affected Korea about language. The words that are used in the Korean palace are mostly Mongolian language. Also, the words ending with '치' is mostly Mongolian word.
Official language:
Mongolian language
2796484 people
Land area:
maritime, continental
1553560 km
landlocked plateau
Force: Genghis Khan
During 12th century, the force of Mongolia got really strong with the born of Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan was the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his demise.
Mongolia Tourism
There are lots of people going to Mongolia to have a good experience in Mongolia. In Mongolia, tourists can do lots of horse riding, sleeping in gers. Gers are traditional Mongolian yerts, looking like
this :P
Mongolia had spread their culture by many ways. It's mostly the force by Genghis Khan, but also tourists these days.
Mongolian horse
Jeju horse
western horse
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