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The Berlin Wall: A Divided Nation

No description

Thomas Matern

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of The Berlin Wall: A Divided Nation

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Berlin Wall: A Divided Nation 1961 It was built as a means of maintaining a stable population for East Germany. Constructed in November of 1961. Many individuals fled East Germany prior to, as well as after the construction of the wall. Before the wall: East Germany These created economic success. had many advantages. After the wall: East Germany failed to establish itself economically on a large scale. They relied on West
Germany for trade. The construction of the wall increased the pressure that East Germany was feeling. Regardless of economic success: Citizens of East Germany were suffering. Many compared East Germany to a prison. Others made more serious comparisons. East Germany - Berlin Wall Auschwitz Erich Honecker Leader of East Germany Severely ill at the time, he made many claims concerning the future of the wall. These claims were made out of desperation. His statements and actions resulted in 2 things: One result of his actions was: This mural was painted on the Berlin Wall It was a satirical representation of the close ties between East German and the Societ Union. To restrict travel, East Germany placed many restrictions on its citizens, which resulted in many individuals taking great risks to cross the border. Some dug their way across through tunnels Others used more extreme methods. The families in these photos used a hot air balloon to fly over the wall. 1989 In November of 1989, the people of East Germany began a revolt. Citizens were aided by West Germans in tearing the wall down. This represented a reunifying of Germany. With the wall gone, East and West Berliners (& Germans) were able to rebuild both physically and mentally as one nation.
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