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Pharma Rep V2

Talk given at Irish Pharma Managers association meeting October 11th 2012

Dan Baxter

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Pharma Rep V2

How do we create digital pharma representatives? Pharma Rep V 2.0 Needs
rewriting? The Changing Role Training Pharma Rep V2.0 Actions for managers Dan Baxter
HIV hospital Specialist

Opinions are mine NOT my employers........ If you told reps that 'multichannel customers had 40% more sales potential........? How do we create digital pharma reps? www.about.me/danbaxter The connected rep: Focused on how Drs prefer to interact.

Multichannel savvy

Aware of Health 2.0

Understands 'beyond the pill' offerings around brands Obsolete?

Value to customers?

Appeal of role to potential employees? Transition of our job role? 'Info source' rep 'Service' rep What do reps want/need? 1. To add value for their customers 2. Hit sales targets 3. Longer term prospects iPad usage Increasing data requires better training How do we make data 'come to life' Need to 'live' the technology .....would they want to help you create more of them? Find your field based 'digital leaders' Develop 'digital intelligence' in your field force to.... Roll out new initiatives more effectively Get feedback on customer digital behaviours Can you include
reps in the loop? What comes first?
digital marketing
or digital training? Help field teams find their 'voice' via different channels Should we be leading? Or just trying to keep up? So what does multichannel look like? Questions? Rep detail Medical remote call CME website Clinician network Self directed
detail Social Media &
general search www.about.me/danbaxter @danbax76 Call centre Conferences E-mail 'We just give them an iPad, dont we?' 'Not to say that reps wont be talking products but will they be pulling together the disparate info sources that the clinician has been consuming? As well as demonstrating increasingly complex value added services around brands.' 'Are we framing conv and training digital tools and 'future rep' skills with sufficient attention to these objectives?' 'paint a picture of the future'? 'Are we sufficiently advanced in dig mktg to start drip feeding the info to our salespeople to enable them to get the most out of digital tools?' 'Should we be thinking more about the internal comms & internal mktg?
'Selling' benefits to field teams' 'Engendering a level of comfort with the technology' Use them to help 'buy in' amongst their colleagues? 'Reps, once we understand multichannel we want to understand what channel works with each of our customers' 'Multichannel is complex'

'Help your reps become part of the solution, the 'glue' of your integrated strategy' *dialogue added to slides*
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