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What Can You Do With a BA in Psychology?

No description

Douglas Murdoch

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of What Can You Do With a BA in Psychology?

What Can You Do With a BA in Psychology?
Almost Anything!
BA + Diploma
Other Professions
Masters of Library Science
BA + Disability Studies Diploma
Caregiver /
Professional Foster Parent / Group Home Coordinator
e.g. right here at MRU
Early Childhood Development Specialist
NCCP Coaching Certificate
e.g. Right here at MRU
Conflict Resolution Expert
(National Coaching Certificate Program)
BA Psychology
Love of a sport
= Coaching / Training Career
The sky is the limit (well almost)
What about being a
CSIS website
Screening Analyst - Security Screening Branch
The Service is always looking for talented and skilled individuals to join our team. Diversity is not only part of the Service’s culture it is a core business strategy. We are building a workforce which is representative of the Canadian society and our programs and policies are designed to foster diversity and inclusion
Undergraduate degree
+ 1 year of experience*; OR
» College diploma + 3 years of experience*
*Experience in research and analysis.
Child Support Specialists
Parole Officer

Child Support Specialists
- responsible for creating support cases, discussing support issues with parents and enforcing child support amounts.
- participate in family court administrative hearings.

Read more: Careers in Psychology With a BA | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6060576_careers-psychology-ba.html#ixzz28C5PEPuF
You could be like one of these people you may know
Wes Craven
Hollywood Producer Director
Scream 1-4
Nightmare on Elm Street
Vampire in Brooklyn
Natalie Portman
Black Swan
Stars Wars Episode 1-3
V for Vendetta
Jon Stewart
Political Commentator
Television Personality
Emmy Winner
Jerry Bruckheimer
One of Hollywoods most successful producers
CSI Miami
The Amazing Race
Cold Case
Without a Trace
Pirates of the the Caribbean
Bad Boys I & II
Black Hawk Down
Gone in 60 Seconds
Top Gun
(86 so far)
Herb Brooks
Hockey Coach
USA Olympic Team 1980
"miracle on ice team"
B.A. (psychology) UMinn
Phil Mickelson
Professional golfer.
Won four major championships
40 events on the PGA Tour.
elected into the World Golf Hall of Fame
BA (Psychology) Ariz State
Guy Kawasaki
Silicon Valley venture capitalist,
bestselling author,
one of the Apple employees responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984.
BA (Psychology) Stanford
Advertising Trainee
Advertising agent
Marketing Representative
Market Reseacher
Media Buyer
Administrative Assistent
Management Trainee
Store Manager
Warehouse Manager
Human Resources
Employment Counselor
Employee Counselor
Occupational Analyst
Small Business Owner
Public Relations
Public Information Officer
Speech Writer
Staff Training and Development
Claims Specialist
Loans Officer
Travel Advisor
Airline Reservations
Insurance Agent
Real Estate Agent
Public Relations Consultant
Day Care Worker
Day Care Operator
Special Needs Caregiver
Location : New York,
Category Management Type of Contract
University Degree in Human Resource Management, Business, Public Administration
or other social science
related field is desirable but not required.
Example: Arbitration
A legal technique for parties to resolve disputes without going to trial.
Master of Social Work
BA (psychology) + 1 year + Masters year
(about the same as to get a Masters degree in Counseling)
Mental Health Services
Behavioural Observer / Behaviour Analyst/Behavioural Aide
Group Home Coodinator
Residential Counselor
Program Manager
Family Service Worker
Developmental Aide
Other Occupations
University Recruiter/ Admissions
Community Development
Newspaper Reporter
Freelance Writer/Blogger
Technical Writer
Fund Raiser
Student Success Coach I
Job Number: 63684519
Company Name: DeVry
Location: AB CA
degree preferred in Business, Education,
,.. or related discipline.
The Student Success Coach I manages a portfolio of students ( undergraduate, graduate or a combination) ensuring exceptional customer service through proactive student outreach and guidance to assist the student in making informed enrollment and financial aid decisions.
Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Community Advocate
Successful completion from a
degree in the study of Social Work,
or Social Sciences with five (5) years experience, two (2) of which are supervisory.
Qualifications include a
bachelor's degree in psychology,
sociology, management or social work.
Courses You Can Apply to Business
Other Business courses
Computer Science
Psychology of Women
Psychological Statistics
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Applied Psychology
Social Psychology
Field Experience
Courses Related to Human Services
Criminal Justice
Social Work
Family & Child Studies
Health & Aging Studies
Justice Studies
Child Psychology
Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Behavior Modification
Abnormal Psychology
Tests & Measururement
Field Experience
Substance Abuse
Psychology of Women
Personality Psychology
Theories of Personality
Health Psychology
Knowing how to learn
Political Science
Environmental Science or Ecology
Introduction to Psychology
Psychology of Adjustment
Cognitive Psychology

Competence in reading, writing, and computational skills
English Composition
Communication Arts
Computer Science
Psychological Statistics
Research Methods
Experimental psychology lab courses
History & Systems

Communication skills
Research Methods
Experimental Psychology Lab Courses
Self-management skills
Psychology of Adjustment
Field Experience
Directed Research
Behavior Modification
Lifespan Development
Health Psychology
Research Methods
Experimental Psychology Lab Courses
Behavior Modification

Group interaction skills
Race & Ethnic Relations
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Social Psychology
Psychology of Adjustment
Motivation & Emotion

Influence skills
Applied Psychology
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Social Psychology
Behavior Modification
Resume Building: What Skills have I learned?
4485 Abnormal Skills?
Communicating clearly and concisely in writing and orally
Public Speaking
Critical Thinking Skills
Ethical Thinking Skills
Skills at persuasion and defending a position
Library Search Skills
Article Analysis Skills
APA Style
Demonstrating knowledge multiple ways
Ability to work under pressure
(weekly deadlines, debates, exams)
Self Discipline
(weekly readings/tests)

Similar for Graduate School
Financial Advisor
I have always been fascinated by people. I was, and continue to be, very interested in motivation, behaviour, perception etc. I ultimately wanted to understand people better, so when I was choosing a university major, psychology was an easy choice. I became interested in finance with my first interaction.

When I graduated I focused my job search in two areas: finance and HR. The first appealing job offer I received was in finance (my first choice!). My career encompasses both areas of interest, finance and people.
I need to understand people as much as the markets to help people reach their financial goals
Addictions Field
Research Assistant
Background Music
Karsh Kale -One Step Beyond
“when I read news accounts of current disruptive events, the phenomenon of terrorism or genocidal war, what strikes me as a psychologist is how little discussion there is of the psychological dimension of any of these social ills and the low level of psychological literacy showing by reporters”(O’Hara, 2007)(p.51).
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