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Copy of Shouldice Hospital

No description

Sarah Owens

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Shouldice Hospital

Mark D., Brent K., Tamika M., Sarah O., Tamu T., Vanessa T. Introduction Case Background Analysis Recommendation/
Conclusion The hospital will need cooperation of all personnel. Before making changes, they should:
Conduct employee focus groups
Solicit employee's opinions
Conduct change training Main Issue of the Case:

Possible growth alternatives available for Shouldice Hospital Alternatives to increase capacity Shouldice Hospital should extend operation days and perform surgeries on Saturdays Resilience Shouldice Hospital The Medical Facility The Surgery Procedure The Plan for Expansion 2 4 5 Five operating rooms, a patient recovery room, a laboratory, and six examination rooms
150 operations per week (on average)
Patient stay for 3 days
Operations performed only five days a week
10 full time surgeons on staff
Operate on 3 of 4 patients per day Screening exam by questionnaire or in person (convenient)
Patients arrive the afternoon before the surgery
4:30 PM orientation, followed by dinner in the dining room
9:00 Pm patient gathering in the lounge for tea and cookies
Operation: local anesthetic administered
Conclusion: patient encouraged to walk from operating table to a wheelchair
After rest, patients are encouraged to exercise
9:00 PM, patients gather in lounge for cookies and tea
patient discharged on third day Management at Shouldice wants to expand the hospital's capacity:
Option A: Building a new floor
Option B: Saturday Operations
Option C: Opening a new facility in other territories Build a new floor on the existing facility Conduct operations on Saturdays Open a new facility in other territories Build a New Floor Open a New Facility in other Territories Advantages:
Total number of beds: 89 + 45 = 134
Increase capacity 50%
Easy to control and maintain quality
Retain the culture and environment Disadvantages:
Requires more surgeons
Increases the work load on supporting staff
Would require staggering of meal hours
New construction is disruptive Conduct Operations on Saturdays Advantages
Increase capacity by 20%
No investment is needed
Can still maintain quality Disadvantages
Surgeons and a supervising surgeon have to work on Saturdays
Requires additional personnel
Strong opposition by the senior doctors Advantages
Locate close to customers
Operate in a less restrictive legal environment
Creates opportunities for personnel transfer
Transfer of knowledge and expertise to the new facilities Disadvantages
Requires a major investment
Control of quality may diminish
Risk losing the same culture and atmosphere
Competition with existing facility Concerns of maintaining quality of service will be controlled
No investment will be needed
Increase capacity by 20% Requires hospital to operate at full capacity
Strong opposition by employees
Required to hire additional workers
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