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Do you live in the best??

Can you see this??

Yalu Rumi

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Do you live in the best??

Best City/ County of The Rest Today I am going to find out, between the two cities Windsor Calgary and which is the BEST! Four catagories will help me decide the answer.

They are: CLIMATE LANDFORM REGIONS RIVERS and AGRICULTURE I'll start out with climate. Windsor and Calgary are two different cities
in totally different areas of Canada. To prove how far from each other they are, here is a map showing it. Windsor Bibliography
available atlases at school
Mr. Marentette
my mind Supporting Windsor today is: Foodland Ontario. Supporting Calgary it's: Travel Alberta. Calgary~~~~Climate The winters are very cold there. It has a prarie-steppe climate (which means usually sunny, even in winter). The scarce amount of summer rain is really important because of the wheat and grasslands grown on the pairies. First of all, climate is seasonal weather patterns observed over many years. It's very windy since it is in a prairie location with not many natural barriers to block the wind. There sometimes Chinook blowing (a warm, dry wind that blows down the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains). Calgary is dry so there is little humidity and the nights are cool because of it. Calgary Climate Graph Windsor~~~Climate Windsor has a semi-continental climate (warm, humid summers and cold winters). The climate is changed by having a warmer winter and cooler summer because of the location on the shores of the Great Lakes . The lakes are also the source of humidity, which many people don't like. (ME.)
Windsor Climate Graph Before I start landforms this is what it means: A feature on the earth's surface, like a mountain, plain, or valley. There's tons of deciduous trees ( the tree that sheds their leaves annually). The trees they have are called: Aspen, Pine, and Tamarack.

Calgary is on the short grass prairie. It is made up of parkland and grassland. The grasses can sometimes be long, but the grasslands are usually made up of short grasses. In Windsor/ Essex County they farm many things like types of wheat, soy beans, corn and cash crop like tomatoes, strawberries, fruits, and more. Calgary~~~Landform Calgary is in the Interior Plains. Inside there are the prairies which Calgary is in. The predominant landform are the plains and lowlands which have vast vallies. Beside the Interior Plains there is the Canadian Shield and Western Cordillera. Calgary Windsor Windsor~~~Landform Regions Windsor is located in the St.Lawrence Lowlands. Its predominant landform are plains and lowlands, just like Calgary! This is the smallest part of region in Canada. The navigable waterways, fertile soils, and mild climate are favoured by many. It's separated from the Canadian Shield by mountains. Just in case you don't know what a river means here is the meaning: a natural stream of water of fairly large size flowing in a definite course or channel or series of diverging and converging channels. Calgary~~~Rivers A river in Calgary is the Bow River. It's connected to the Elbow River but I'm just going to talk about Bow River. The source is the Bow glacier, when it melts it runs down to the river. The mouth where it discharges it's water is the South Saskachewan River. The drainage is at the Huson Bay drainage basin. The source, mouth, and drainage basin are all part of the river system. Windsor~~~Rivers Windsor~~~Rivers Agriculture means: the science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock; farming. Windsor has only one river and it's the Detroit River. The source of where it gets its water is Lake Erie. The mouth is Lake St.Clair. The drainage for the Detroit River is the Atlantic Ocean drainage basin. Calgary~~~Agriculture Calgary's farmers grow crops like wheat, canola, and barley.
ther things they grow are sugar beets, potatoes, and other different types of veggies. Windsor~~~Agriculture ff yuuuu Windsor~~~Agriculture Corn, soybeans, and wheat are the main crops grown in Windsor/Essex County.
The cash crop ensures that the farming community will stay running as long as it is selling.
Lemington in Essex County grows tomatoes and runs the company Heinz for the ketchup. FINAL
DECISION Windsor/Essex County is the best because the city is the hottest in Ontario with lots of sunny days (with precipitation as well) affecting the agriculture and vegetation to progress well. Even in the winter it isn't too cold for the plants due to the Great Lakes around the astounding city. The landform was just delightful to build our wonderful
communities on. Many types of food can be provided to us from our own backyard like ketchup or corn (mmmmm). There is also the reason that I live here and I get to pick. This was brought to you by: AND
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