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Lord of the Flies pre-reading activity

No description

Chris Lowenstein

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies pre-reading activity

When suddenly... Your 10th grade English class is on an airplane with other students from a junior high school and an elementary school (about 100 people total). You have crashed on a deserted island... There are no adults and there is nothing useful to salvage... You have no idea when (or if) you will be rescued. What do you do first? Step 1: Priorities! What are the most important tasks to be done? Come up with your FIVE most important tasks and list them in order. Step 2: Establish a Society You will need someone to lead you.
How do you decide who will lead your group?
Why did you choose this manner?
What are the risks/rewards of this approach? Step 3: Rules Come up with the 7 most basic and important rules that your survivors must follow. 1. Establish consequences for breaking each rule.
2. You should have a variety of consequences that escalate with the severity and/or frequency of breaking the rules. Step 4: Organize your Society Devise an effective system for organizing the survivors, giving out roles and responsibilities. Assume that about 20% of the survivors are aged 14-16 years, 20% are aged 10-12 years, and 60% are under the age of 10. How will you ensure that everyone will perform their role properly? What do you do? How do you organize everyone? What do you save? Suddenly, the sky turns dark, the sea grows angry... Waves crash, the wind howls, thunder rumbles... Our English class is on our way to a grand literary adventure. After going to see the new film verison of The Great Gatsby, we leave to go to . . . The plane crashes! A huge tropical storm is approaching, threatening to wipe everything out... Did you set up a means of signaling for help? If you did, you are spotted by a passing plane and saved. If not, you are trapped on the island...forever... Intelligence
Physical Strength
Tenacity Choose what you think is the most important leadership quality and rank the others below it: Did you have a means of enforcing order? If not, 10 people die in the confusion. Did you choose Assertiveness, Friendliness, Physical Strength, Ambition or Tenacity as the basis of choosing your leader? If so, 20 people die because of unsound leadership. Did you choose Charisma or Integrity AND did not have Intelligence as your second choice? If so, 10 people die because of poor leadership choices. Did you choose Intelligence AND did not have a way to enforce orders OR Charisma as your second choice? If so, 8 people die in the confusion. Did you have shelter? If not, 10 people die from falling trees, branches, and other natural dangers. Did you have enough food stockpiled? If you had less than 20 people gathering food, another 20 people are going to die of starvation. If you have between 20-30 people gathering, 10 die. If you have between 30-40 people gathering, 5 die. Were your rules and punishments JUST and FAIR in the eyes of your citizens? If not, half of your remaining people flee your society. No leader is perfect - even if you do everything right, 1 person still dies. Introduction to
Lord of the Flies
by William Golding (British writer)
First published in 1954
What is your FATE?

Lord of the Flies England to see the birthplace of William Shakespeare and to see one of his plays performed at The Globe Theatre. (If time allows, we will also take in a game of soccer at Old Trafford Stadium -- home of Manchester United).
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