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No description

Liam Doherty

on 18 May 2018

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Transcript of ACTIVATOR:

1. Put your name on the packet.
2. Read what I am going to have to do.

You have
to do the following things with your group.
1. Come up with a name.
2. Determine the greatest food on planet earth.
3. Make a paper airplane.
4. Make the paper airplane look pretty.
5. Come up with 1 thing that everyone in your group has done.
Social Identity Theory:
- Naturally split ourselves into "us" and "them"
- Once we've done that we do 2 things
- 1. Look at the differnece between group
- 2. Look at the similarities in our group
1. What is shadow theory?
2. What is the golden shadow?

PREDICT: Will this woman have
a hidden shadow, or a hidden
golden shadow?
Predict: Will this video show
a hidden shadow, or a
hidden golden shadow.
Fight vs Flight
Turns your body into a super machine.
Run faster, see better, focus better.

Lets try to predict if the people in
these videos will lean towards fight
or flight.
Marvel Superhero
and Greek God

- Shadow Theory
- Social Identity
- Fight v Flight
What is it?

- Shadow Self is our suppressed qualities.
- "The suppressed qualities are often the best ones"
- Both ancient Greeks and Modern Americans suppress their best qualities, and therefore, feel weak and helpless.
- God and Superheros are both a way for us to show and express our shadow self without actually having to risk anything.
- Therefore, one reason they are so similar is because in Ancient Greece and in Modern America, people used mythical figures as a way to express their shadow selves.
- Showing their yearning for great potential
- While denying themselves from expressing it.
Social Identity
- Humans naturally divide the world into social categories
- In-Group (US)
- Out- Group (THEM)
- Find similarities with in-group and differences with out-group
- Best way to make your In-Group seem better is to make it align with the best people.
- Way to make sure you get the best people, make them better than anyone who exists.
- Therefore, it only makes sense that both Ancient Greece and Modern America have such similar characters, because both civilizations naturally split into US and THEM, and created figures that enhanced the in-group they were part of.
- The fight vs flight, or 'acute stress response' is how the body reacts to the presence of something mentally or physically terrifying.
- Although humans do not chose to 'fight' or "fly (flight)' society view fight as much more heroic and honorable.
- Therefore, it only makes sense that Ancient Greece and Modern America created such similar characters who always 'fight' and never 'fly (flight)', because it expresses what society views as better, even if it is not realistic.
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