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Skin Cancer

No description

Jenny To

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Skin Cancer

How does the body combat skin cancer?
Stop cancerous cells by killing them as they develop
If continues to develop, your immune system must be either worn out, ineffective, or unable to kill the cancer cells as fast as they develop
"Blood Root" product from bestonearthproducts
Killer of abnormal cells
Fast acting, strong and powerful
Solanaceae Family
Eggplant, tomato, potato and bell pepper
Destroys tumors
Allows healthy cells to regrow
Crusty, non- healing sores
Red pale or pearly small lumps
New spots
Freckles or Moles
Skin Cancer
How skin cancer spreads
Cancer cells can be found anywhere around the body
They firstly invade nearby normal tissues but can progress to lymph cells or blood vessels
Cancer cells break away from its original tumor and spreads through the bloodstreams.
Development of cures
Scientists have study how UV light damages the skin
They observe their movements and how they expand
New drugs are being tested
Clinical trials
Development of techniques for delivering chemotherapy drugs
What is Skin Cancer?
A disease where skin cells are damaged by ultra violet radiation
Basal cell cancer
Squamous cell cancer
Originates from the layers of the skin depending on the different type of skin cancers
Radiation Therapy
Photo dynamic therapy
Biologic therapy
Alternative treatments
Removes the skin cancer itself
Areas of skin where skin cancer cells are spreading are usually removed
Removing surrounding tissues

Radio Therapy
The process of high energy x-rays used to kill the cancer cells
Allowed cancer cells to be treated fast before it starts to spread
Many lives were saved using this method
Ultraviolet radiation
Tanning booths
Long-term exposure to chemicals such as arsenic, tar and oil.
Radiation from other cancer treatments
Previous history of skin cancer
Family history of skin cancer
Weakened immune system
Certain types of moles
Infection by certain types of human virus
Type of skin cancer
Where the skin cancer appears on the body
Stage of the cancer (how deeply the skin cancer has grown and whether it has spread)
Patient’s health
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