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Using Pods in Adobe Connect

No description

Patricia Blum

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Using Pods in Adobe Connect

Using Pods in Adobe Connect for Webinars and Presentations
"Share" Pod
"Notes" Pod
The "Notes" pod is like a notepad. Unlike the "Chat" pod, only Hosts and Presenters can add text to that area.
Helpful Hint:
You can save videos from youtube using www.keepvid.com
If you have incompatible audio or video files, you can convert them free at www.zamzar.com
"Poll" Pod
In this pod, you can create polls.
You can pose a question, then have participants respond in one of three ways:
Setting up your presentation:
Getting Started
Types of Pods
Attendee List
Q + A
File Share
Web Links
Choose the layout you will use for your presentation and which pods you will use.
Share Document
Types of files you can share in
presentation mode:
PowerPoint - ppt, pptx
Video - mp4, swf, flv, f4v
Images - jpg, png
Audio - mp3
PDF files
ZIP files
You can upload files to share in your presentation.
Share My Screen
You would use this function to display what is on your screen, or a particular window that you have open.

You can use it to display websites, open applications, your desktop, etc...
Share Whiteboard
There is a whiteboard tool within Connect where you can draw and type.

The three modes you can use are:
"Chat" Pod
You can keep a chat window open where participants can chat with one another, ask questions, give feedback, let you know of any technical issues they might be having, etc.
"Video" Pod
If you wish to use a webcam, you would do so in the "Video" pod. It will display the live feed from your webcam.

It is not necessary to use a webcam for participants to hear your voice. If you choose not to use a webcam, you can connect only your microphone.
What is a pod?
Pods are the modules within Adobe Connect that allow you to present materials, interact with participants, share files, etc.

They make up the framework of your meeting.
Helpful hint:
When sharing your screen, no audio will be transmitted and video will not play smoothly. Any audio or video you want to use in your presentation should be uploaded as a file and shared as a document.

Any web pages you want to share should be opened in browser windows or listed in the "Web Links" pod before you start your presentation for your own convenience.

This is the pod you will use primarily to share and present most of your
materials. There are four different modes within the "share" pod.
Share Document
Share My Screen
Share Whiteboard
Recently Shared
Recently Shared
This will track your most recent shared elements, so you can easily navigate between different materials.
"Web Links" Pod
Here, you can list websites. Participants can then click on the links and press a button that will navigate to the url.
Only the file formats listed can be shared. If you want to share a file that is in another format, you must first convert it.
"Attendee List" Pod
This is where the list of participants will be displayed.
All attendees, presenters and hosts will be listed.
All participants can interact using buttons to "emote" through actions such as raising their hand, agreeing,
disagreeing, etc.

This is automatically added to every meeting by default. It can be hidden, but it is helpful to have it visible.
"File Share" Pod
Here, you can upload files for participants to download. These can be any file type, even those not supported for presentation.

Once the files are uploaded, participants can click on the file, then choose to download it if they wish.
Multiple Choice - participants can choose ONE predetermined answer
Multiple Answers - participants can choose any number of predetermined answers
Short Answers - participants can type in their own answers to the question
You can choose to broadcast the results of the poll, or keep them private.
Helpful Hint:
It is recommended that if you share any PowerPoint, Word or other editable document, that you first save it as a PDF and share it in that format instead.
Helpful Hint:
If a user has a pop up blocker enabled, it will not automatically open a link on their computer.

Sometimes, the user will be prompted to disable the blocker, allowing the link to open.

If you use the Add Link function, participants can click the Browse To button themselves and bring the link up.
"Q & A" Pod
Here, participants can ask questions. Any host or presenter can answer the question. Also, a question can be assigned to a specific host or presenter, and only that person will be able to answer the question.

When answering, the response can be sent to everyone, or it can be sent privately only to the person who asked the question.
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