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Recalculating Directory

My submission for Unit 3 Activity 2 Assignment 2

Ann C.

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Recalculating Directory

On our life journeys we will undoubtedly encounter many hurdles. Hence I choose to feature trees in my presentation because they symbolise how our journeys will encounter obstacles which will force our paths to branch out. Therefore we will need to overcome these problems in order to reach our final destinations.
Junior Achievement of Central Ontario
Career Cruising
Ontario's Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Job Bank
Alliance Data:
Guidance Counselors

Natural Leader
Great work ethic
Sets goals and achieves them

My family, friends and advisors are my greatest support system. I know that they will always have my back no matter what issues I face. Additionally through the duration of this course I have been introduced to a wide variety of very useful resources that will help me plan out a new career path or even just to provide some guidance for those times in need. Finally, a very important ally is Junior Achievement a non-profit organization dedicated to educating youth on entrepreneurship. They want to helping us succeed in the business world which will benefit me greatly and prepare me for any challenges I may encounter.
I consider myself to be a determined, mature, and positive individual who has quite a few strengths and skills such as public speaking, reading and leading. When I first started to learn French I was very frustrated that I did not understand it. However my traits ensured that I maintained a positive attitude and I preservered. Now it has become my second language. Therefore I will continue us them to face new challenges. While my skills will lead me in a new direction, since my new goals will be centered on them. If I don’t become a bank manager my skills could lead me to become a politician.
Life is like wondering through a wild, uncharted forest. Every turn brings new challenges or surprises. It’s a process about learning through your experiences, accepting changes, and overcoming hurdles. With my transitions skills list I know I will be able to bypass these low branches, thorny shrubs and exposed roots. Eventually, I will find my way.
Recalculating Directory
by An Ran Chen
Life’s journey is no straight road. It is rather a vast collection of different branches connected in a web of opportunities and hurdles.
My Transitions Skills List
My Allies/ My supporters
My Resources
My Strengths
My Skills
Final thoughts
Asking questions to gain information
Teaching and training
Caring for people
Providing customer or client service
Handling people tactfully

Using a computer
Problem solving
Advanced reading
Using a foreign language

I have prepared a list of transitional skills, supports, allies, strengths and resources that will help me overcome even life’s most difficult obstacles.
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