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Alienation Present in Beowulf

No description

kaylee setser

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Alienation Present in Beowulf

Alienation By Maria Ray, Kaylee Setser, Jonathan Ennin, Rahul Pillai
Beowulf has a positive alienation because his superhuman abilites set him apart from everyone else. He was the only one who could hold his own against Grendel and Grendel's Mother.
Grendel's alienation is a negative type because he is basically an outcast. The world is against him and there is nothing he can do.
Modern Alienation
Modern alienation is based more on how society perceives one's personality than what species one is.
Tolkein's Opinion
"man alien in a hostile world, engaged in a struggle which he cannot win . . ." This is accurate because, people in our society are brutal, sometimes the odd one out, cannot be accepted no matter how hard they try, forever they will remain alienated.
The type of alienation portrayed in Beowulf is different from that of modern day, because currently, we find much more subtle ways of excluding people than grabbing our torches and pitchforks and going to town. Nowadays an alien can be recognized as someone who others call names, or push around. There is still a clear designation of those who are “acceptable” and those who are not, yet the way we go about creating such social barriers has changed drastically with the years.
How does alienation affect
Beowulf in his quest?

Could Grendel do anything else to
save himself from alienation?

What if more people in this story were alienated?
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