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Lauren Oliver

No description

Caitlyn Hennessey

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver amazing author writes about a variety of topics Why Lauren Oliver? Characteristics of Lauren Oliver's writing Most popular books by Lauren Oliver Quotes from Delerium "I love you. Remember. They cannot take it." "You can't be happy unless you're unhappy sometimes." "I guess that's just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up. "Love, it will kill you and save you both." "Hearts are fragile things. That's why you have to be so careful." "I guess that's when it starts to hit me: the whole point is, you do what you can." Quotes from Before I Fall "So many things become beautiful if they really look." "A good friend keeps your secrets for you. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets. "Sometimes I'm afraid to go sleep because of what I'm leaving behind." Quotes from Pandemonium That's the flip side of freedom; when you're completely free, you're also completely on your own." "This is what hatred is. It will feed you and at the same time turn you to rot." "Funny how certain things stay with you." "There is no before. There is only now, and what comes next." Facts about Lauren Oliver As a kid, when she would finish a book, she would write a sequel for it's characters. She took ballet, drew, painted, acted, sang, and experimented with cooking.almost always a little bit of romance She has 10 tattoos! She was born in Queens, but she was raised in Westchester, New York. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her fiancee, Michael. Praise for Lauren Oliver's books “In [Oliver’s] dystopian America, love has been outlawed as the life-threatening source of all discord. Lena’s gradual awakening is set against a convincing backdrop of totalitarian horror. The abrupt ending leaves enough unanswered questions to set breathless readers up for volume two of this trilogy.” -Kirkus Reviews “After this second book, fans of Oliver and of dystopian fiction will be clamoring for the final installment of the trilogy.” -Voice Of Young Advocates (VOYA) “If...you crave the heart-stopping action of the arena from The Hunger Games combined with a destined-to-be-doomed love story then this sequel is perfect for you!” -Seventeen.com dystopian societies almost always a little bit of romance Author of Before I Fall, Delerium, and Pandemonium.
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