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Access and Advocacy

No description

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Access and Advocacy


This presentation is an overview of a 90 minute session that is targeted for pre-service teachers. The presentation will focus in the importance of access and advocacy in and outside the classroom. This presentation will serve to provide a brief background description of the achievement gap in the United States and other contributing factors for the low graduation rates of minority students or students of low socioeconomic status. We will examine the different causes of education inequality and the importance of teaching our students to become self-advocates. Furthermore, we will talk about the barriers that we might encounter, ways to remedy these obstacles, and the impact that access and advocacy have on our students’ future.
-Privilege Walk
-Do Now
-Norms and expectations
-Main presentation
-Team activity
-Strategies to cultivate self-advocacy in the classroom
CMWBAT explain why access and advocacy are important elements of teaching just like planning and classroom culture.

CMWBAT identify the different barriers that teachers face in access and advocacy for our students.

CMWBAT describe methods in which they are able to overcome obstacles that prevent access and advocacy in the classroom
Why are access and advocacy necessary in low-income schools?
Access and Advocacy
Thank you!
Privilege Walk
Do Now
Norms & Expectations

-Be respectful and keep an open mind.
-Equality of voice.
-Honesty and patience
-Be present
Main presentation
Team Activity
Strategies to cultivate self advocacy
-recognize how power
and privilege affect
our lives

Consider your own education and experiences.
What opportunities did you have?

In this video, Mr.Harrison incorporates information about the achievement gap in order to unveil the big class goal for the year.
What will you do to advocate for your students?
CMs will work in small groups on several discussion questions regarding videos about advocacy.
CMs will read the following article: How to give low income students the chance they deserve by Jack Marckell.
CMs will work on discussion questions.
CMs will design an action plan and timeline for including access and advocacy in their classrooms
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