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How to set up an urban beekeeping site

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Donya Iranpoor

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of How to set up an urban beekeeping site

Setting Up an Urban
Beekeeping Site "The urban beekeeper--those potential million of us who, even without the smallest garden, may yet have access to a compact space on a raise patio or roof-top". (Vaid, 2012) All this about urban beekeeping, but how does one go about a beekeeping site? BUZZ SETTING UP Check with the city and neighbors Check for an good supply of pollen and nectar. Find an adequate windbreak for the bee hive. Find a good balance between the sunshine and shade. Great places to keep bees in the city include but are not limited to green roof gardens, community vegetable plots,
flowerpots--even windowsills and fire
escapes. (Harmon, 2009) How determine a suitable beekeeping location. Hive Shallow Honey Super -Check out the hives of other beekeepers in your area and see what is working best for them.

-Think about how the weight of a full box of honey. Upper Deep (food chamber) Lower Deep (food chamber) Hive Stand Necessary Equipment
(continued) According to Steve Benbow, a first time beekeeper should have a hive, smoker, hive
tool and a bee brush.

According to Clarence Collsion, a beekeeper's
clothing should consist of a veil and a full
covering bee suit that is a tan or neutral color. Check the physical land that the hive will be placed on. (Dixon, 2012, pp. 64-65) Tips for finding the best hive: Different ways of getting the initial bee colony for urban beekeeping site. Packaged Bees "Nuc" Bee Colony Established Colony Necessary
Equipment According to Blackiston, it is the most popular way to obtain bees and they are sent by US Mail. (Blackiston, 2009a) "The most popular packages are the 2- and 3-pound sizes. Each pound represents about 3,500 bees". (Collison, 2000) A miniature beehive, it is fully functioning. (Bissinger, 2005) Finding a local beekeeper willing to sell you his/her established colony. (Blackiston, 2009a) The cheapest way to gather the bees for an initial colony is to capture a wild swarm of bees. (Blackiston, 2009a) Wild Bees Check for there is a good water source. (Burt's Bees, 2013) (Rosier, 2013) (Msj848, 2012) (Wenning, 1999) (Wenning, 1999) (Wenning, 1999) (Wenning, 1999) (Blackiston, 2009a) (Blackiston, 2009b) (St. Ermin's Hotel, 2012) (Melnyk, 2012) (Blackiston, 2009c) (Blackiston, 2009d) (Tdiggers77, n.d.) (Rospo, 2008) (Schrock, 2009) (Davidenko, 2008)
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