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Morning Traffic

Reading Street

Joanel Whinham

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Morning Traffic

Amazing Words inevitable: not to be avoided; sure to happen

complication: a condition that is hard to understand
something that makes matters worse

befallen: happened to something or someone

catastrophe: a sudden, extraordinary disaster or

speculate: to think carefully, consider, or predict

weather-beaten: worn or hardened by wind, rain, or other weather Vocabulary pawn: in chess, one of sixteen pieces of the lowest value
reception: the quality of sound produced in a radio or other device
remote: far away; distant
rummage: to search in a disorderly way
resume: to begin again; to get or take again
rustling: moving or acting with energy or speed
simultaneous: existing, done, or happening at the same time What obstacles do we face in our daily lives? Comprehension Skill Draw Conclusions Comprehension Strategy Story Structure Morning Traffic How can family members interrupt your plans? Morning Traffic When you draw conclusion, you form a reasonable opinion about something you have read Inferences Use what you know about real life to help you draw conclusions when you draw a conclusion,
it should make sense based on facts sequentially: in the order of events Plot is important part of story structure problem
rising action
resolution pg. 450
Twice Lost; Twice Won Pg. 453
Lost and Found What is something you tried to accomplish today that turned out to be more difficult than you expected? Purpose? Prediction? Page 457 ReRead pg. 457: Draw a conclusion about why David was able to finish his mom's sentence with the same words she said. When Karen states the Juan Carlos Manuel is the voice of the century, is she stating a fact or an opinion? How do you know? In your opinion, is a drama easier or more difficult to read? pg. 458: Why is Gabe opening cabinets and rustling around the Kitchen? pg. 461: Consider how you feel when you are trying to accomplish something, and many small obstacles get in your way. How do you think Davis feels at this point of the story? pg. 463: How has Gil's behavior changed since Joanna arrived? pg. 463: Do you think David's plan to impress Joanna by playing chess with her is a good one? pg. 465: What happens because Gill pus the flowers on the chessboard? pg. 468: What conclusion can you draw about Joanna based on her response to David's outburst? Pg. 471: Identify each part of the plot:
Rising Action
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