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The Hazards of ill-fitting shoes

No description

Amy Nguyen

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of The Hazards of ill-fitting shoes

• Podiatrists found 37% would wear uncomfortable shoes as long as they were fashionable.
• 17% of men admit buying shoes in the wrong size.
• 80% of the women said they suffered foot problems like corns or ingrowing nail

Amy Nguyen
The hazards of
Ill-fitting shoes
Side effects
• Some of the side effects of wearing the wrong shoe size would be corns and blisters.
• Corns is thick and hard areas of skin which caused by the constant rubbing and pressure of shoes that don’t fit, on the skin.
• As for blisters it is caused by the friction of the shoe since they are too tight

The Long run effects
• Where shoes that doesn’t fit can cause problems to your growth.
• Shoes that are too short or tight can distorts the structure of our toes, which results in painful joints and ab-normal toe structure.
• Because shoes that are too short and tight can cause ab-normal growth it will also cause circulatory problems too. Resulting in sensations of cold and numbness, vein problems.

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Foot Health Awareness Facts
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