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Dances With Wolves

No description

Paige Harris

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Dances With Wolves

"This is my post and those post's provisions." Dunbar's Companion Lt. Dunbar is very important to the book because he is the main character. He takes us along with him throughout his journey. In a way, you could say that Dunbar is surrendering to the Camanche by making the effort to become friends with them. Timmons is not extremely important to Dunbar, but he does accompany Dunbar on the first part of his journey. Two Socks is the fox that Dunbar sees around the fort and writes about in his journal. Two Socks could be considered a companion to Dunbar, but he is not as important to Dunbar as Cisco is. Wind In His Hair is not the closest to Dunbar, but they are still trying to figure each other out at this point in the book. TIMMONS CISCO WIND IN HIS HAIR TWO SOCKS "Who ever he is, he is not a Sioux and that makes him less." DUNBAR MAJOR FAMBROUGH Major Fambrough is not close to Lt. Dunbar at all, but he is an important character in this book. He is the one who sent Dunbar on his journey. If it weren't for his craziness, Dunbar would've never met the Camanche. KICKING BIRD Kicking Bird is the first member of the tribe who met Dunbar. Kicking Bird is one of the closest people to him because of his admiration for Dunbar's respect towards the tribe. STANDS WITH A FIST Stands With A Fist is one of the closest people to Dunbar at this point. This is because she is also white and can communicate with him. This is extremely important because both Dunbar and the Camanche need information from each other. Without her, the progress would move at a much slower pace. Stands With A Fist gets a red flag as her symbol for her strength. She understands that it is important for her to help Dunbar and The Camanche build a stronger bond. "Don't" "You wish to see the frontier?" "The strangeness of this life cannot be measured."
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