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International Bussniess

No description

stacey langlois

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of International Bussniess

International Business
The consumer
Working Conditions
General information
Requirements to travel
Factors to consider?
general info
The consumer
Hofsteds Dimensions Continued
working conditions cont.
requirements to travel
Power Distance
Time orientation
Collective vs Individualism
-everyone with equal rights
-looks toward the future, while not forgetting the past
-Highly supports individualism, taught to think for themselves.
Employees work from nine to five for five days a week
Known to work the most hours
Lunch breaks are about 30 minutes
Frequent Tea Breaks
-Business ethics very similer to canadian norms
What is the difference between, uk chocolate and western chocolate?
Do employees in the Uk work long hours?

-Stay with the usual, not open to change
Roman lighthouse built in the 1st century
St. Peter chaple, built in the 7th century
Hofstede's Dimensions
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