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Pathfinding RPGs Outside of Dungeons

No description

Jim Miller

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Pathfinding RPGs Outside of Dungeons

Tunnels and Trolls
The BIG boys
perfect for kids 4-10
simple rules
easy to run
gm adventures have EVERYTHING you need including maps and minis
minimal prep time
The main pleasure of FRP is that of creation - creating a character, creating a world, creating a game system - it's all the same high. If you can create a better game system, more power to you! ....And no one should be afraid to try someone else's system. You may get some ideas! -Ken St.Andre 1983
simple mechanic
many elements found in modern games have
fun yet deadly demenor
Tunnels and Trolls
Dungeons & Dragons
Star Wars

*ICv2 Spring 2013
Pathfinding RPGs Outside of Dungeons

In the beginning...
To modify, change, reshape
If you don't like it change it
Create something specific to a need
Part of the OSR
Moldvey Basic D&D
fast, easy and deadly
Labyrinth Lord
OSRIC aka Old School Reference and Index Compilation = 1e AD&D
Swords and Wizardry = Original D&D
Labyrinth Lord = Moldvey Basic
Dark Dungeons = D&D Rules Cyclopedia
Mutant Future = Gamma World with Labyrinth Lord rules

Old School Roleplaying / Old School Renaissance
Dungeon World
based on Apocalyspe World
narrative focused game
uses playbooks
GM does not roll dice
intuitive, if you have never played an rpg before

Murderous Ghosts
2 player RPG
uses Blackjack rules
always the same set up

Lovecraftian horror
narrative based
uses playbooks
uses clues, forwards, and holds

Call of Catthulhu
cats fighting Lovecraftian horrors
feline attributes matter
each type of kitty has purpose
rpg played via google hangouts or skype
quasi larp
resource management
gm-less game
voting mechanic
high replay value from scenarios
games last about 2hrs
think Cohen bothers movie
seen on Tabletop
savage worlds
skill based
setting neutral
fast combat
very flexible to modding to almost any setting

fate accelerated
uses approaches as attributes
skills are narrative based
simple mechanics
very flexible
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