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CRAIG KIELBURGER...His journey from me...to we

No description

Emma Melis

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of CRAIG KIELBURGER...His journey from me...to we

How it all started... 12-year-old Craig Kielburger was an average child.

He went to a Catholic school in Thornhill, ON, he played video games, he hung out with his friends.

One day, as he was eating his morning cereal, he flipped through the newspaper looking for the comics.

He didn't find the comics. How it grew... His journey from me...to we Craig Kielburger What he did find, was an article about a boy in Pakistan.
12-year-old Iqbal Masih had been shot in the head while riding his bicycle.

Horrified, Craig kept reading.

He found out that since the age of 4,
Iqbal had been forced to work 12-hour
-days in a carpet-weaving factory,
where it was cramped, dusty, and
It said that one night, Iqbal escaped. He went all around
Pakistan, hoping to raise awareness about
child enslavement.
He made his point, and was promptly shot.

"I was shocked. In school, I had learned about the American Civil War, and the Underground Railroad, but I thought slavery was something out of the past, that it had been abolished." -Craig Kielburger What he did... Craig took the newspaper clipping to his grade 7 class, and said:

"I don't know what, but we have to do something. I need your help. Who'll join me?"

Eleven hands went up.

And that's how Free The Children was
born. 1995 Iqbal Masih, standing up for
childrens' rights. 1995 Over time, Free The Children grew bigger and more well-known.

They held garage sales, pop sales, car washes, and bake sales to raise more money, using Craig's bedroom as headquarters.

Craig, who hadn't even been able to ride the subway
alone before then, convinced his parents to let him fly
to Bangladesh.
He toured all around Southern Asia for 7 weeks.

What he saw during those 7 weeks changed his life forever. December 9, 1995 What Free The Children has now
become... Free The Children is now an international non-profit organization.

It is active in 45 countries, has built 650 schools, and provides education
to over 55, 000 children each day.

Countries where Me to We has provided clean water and education;

Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, India, China, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, Mexico

It has branched into Me to We, and hosts We Day in all major North American Cities.

Also, there are a Ambassadors that use their fame and popularity to raise awareness abpit child slavery and poverty.

Shawn Desman, Nelly Furtado, Nina Dobrev, Martin Sheen, Jason Mraz, Spencer West, and many more. present My Conclusion... Our generation now has a HUGE responsibility.

Now, many major organizations are addressing major adult problems to children.
They are asking children to take part in fixing all these problems because it's OUR generation that will be affected.

Think about it.....the movie REVOLUTION. Their entire message was how we need to make changes for future generations.
ME TO WE. It addresses schools and children as young as 8 years old.
50 years ago, children were to be seen and not heard.
Now, children are being seen and heard by the entire world.

Children Helping Children.
We are the change. In Closing... In closing, I would like to ask you all to
join me on April 18 in a vow of silence.

We give up our speech in respect for those who have no
voice (child slaves, poverty-stricken people, uneducated people, people under dictatorship, people in war-torn countries). Craig... The Nelson Mandela Human Rights Award
The Community of Christ International Peace Award
The 2002 World of Children Awards - Youth Award
The World Economic Forum Global Leaders of Tomorrow Award
The Top 20 Under 20 Award
The Reebok Human Rights Award
The Roosevelt Freedom Medal
The 2004 Kiwanis International Foundation World Service Medal
The Medal of Meritorious Service
The Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship
The State of the World Forum award
Honorary Doctorate of education from Nipissing University for his work in leadership development
At age 23, became the youngest person listed to the Globe and Mail's Top 40 under 40
The 2006 World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child
Made a Member of the Order of Canada.
Honorary degree in law from University of Guelph.
Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Alberta
Honorary degree in law from Carleton University.
Craig Kielburger Secondary School recently named in Milton, Ontario, Canada
Received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.
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