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Michael Jackson- The "Thriller" Diaries

No description

Ashley Reese

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Michael Jackson- The "Thriller" Diaries

Michael Jackson was born...
on August 29, 1958, to Joe & Katherine Jackson in Gary, Indiana.

Joseph Jackson
Played guitar in the Falcons in the 1950s

Gave up music to support his family- became a crane operator.

In need of money, pushed his sons into forming "The Jackson 5."
Katherine Jackson
Born Katie B. Screws

Met Joe when she was only 18- and he was married to another woman.

Jehovah's witness

Talented musician- pianist & vocalist.
Michael Jackson
The "Thriller" Diaries

The Jackson 5
First big performance: Ed Sullivan Show 1969
Michael lead vocalist at age 11

"ABC" knocked Beatles "Let It Be" out of #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100 in 1970
Michael left after 1984 tour
Loss of childhood
Abusive father?

Lack of friends- always on stage, no "normal childhood"
Didn't know how to handle social situations
"[Jackson] wanted to be turned into a monster, just for fun" -John Landis, director
Who wants a single about monsters?
Didn't expect "Thriller" to become a hit- or even a single.
It's a "semi-novelty song"
Redefining music videos
Using a features director- John Landis
He had a need to stay on top
"His tastes generally ran to benign Disney-esque fantasies where people were nice and children were safe"
Making it a short narrative film
Impressive dance number
Special effects, makeup and actors
Smart marketing
Musical Style
Music took root in R&B, pop and soul
Influences: Fred Astaire, James Brown, The Beatles, West Side Story dancers
Creative Genius: Method to the Madness
liked singing acapella instead of using actual instruments
took to the streets to pick up dance moves- such as his famous moonwalk
patented anti-gravity shoes in 1993
child prodigy
"Thriller" won
Grammy Awards

consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard 200
To date, sold
million copies worldwide
First black artist on MTV
His legacy lives on today
Why do you think "Thriller" was so successful?
What kind of influence do you think Michael Jackson's work has had on artists/has on new artists today?
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