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Debbie B Retirement

No description

Lisa Contreras

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Debbie B Retirement

Have we done enough? Tell me more...
The Best Lessons Come from Those Closest to You
Passion for Teaching and Learning
What Can We Say About Debbie?
Family is Everything
"I remember sitting in her workshops where she kept saying, 'this is going to change education and the way we teach!' She could see it, be we couldn't, as she always knew what was best.

--Stacy Jones, San Diego Unified Principal
Thursday, September 25, 2014
SDCOE Special Edition
The Impact On Our Schools
Kids Across the Nation are Better Educated
Debbie Beldock Retiring
A Un-Common Educator to the Core
Thanks to Debbie
"Debbie has been a treasure in our County Office. She is kind, well informed, prepared, respectful, supportive, gracious, focused and caring. We will miss her extremely positive presence, her drive to empower educators and establish a collaborative environment."

--Nadine Bennett, Superintendent, Jamul-Dulzura
"One of Debbie's favorite phrases is, 'I love cognitive dissonance. I'm all
about causing dissonance in others.' "
--Todd Langager, SDCOE Ed Tech
Career Goals:
To leave the world a better place as a result of her work in the education.

To better serve children of poverty and any under-represented student groups who traditionally have not had access to high quality educational experiences.
In the beginning...
"I have been teaching for 100 years."

Born: September 18, 1914

Began career: 1934

Photo: Debbie's first classroom experience
Always Learning and Leading
Her Story

Resource Teacher

Vice Principal


Instructional Leader

Executive Director

Leadership Teaching and Coaching

Assistant Superintendent
"It has been my pleasure to call Debbie a colleague, and more importantly, my friend. She will be missed at SDCOE."
Debbie wants to DAIT me.
--Randy Ward
Supporting leaders to support systems that improve teaching and learning.
Influencing the improvement of instructional content and pedagogy.
Improving the education of more than 500,000 students in the region.
"She holds herself and those around her to the highest standards."
-- Barbara Boone, SDCOE Director of Instruction and Curriculum
Joe Hartman, SDCOE ITS
"As an instructional leader, Debbie had conversations with her principals about the purpose of EVERYTHING! From that point forward, I have always been thoughtful in the choices and surround myself with pictures of students..they are our focus as leaders,"
--Carol Osborne, SDCOE Principal in Residence
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