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Class Introduction

ACT Houston at Austin

Kara Wilkinson

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Class Introduction

Welcome to Mrs. Wilkinson's Class
Homework is due before class by submitting it online. Homework is considered late once the bell rings at the beginning of class, on the day it is due.
When you enter the class, have a seat in your assigned seat. Put all items under your desk.
Food and drinks are not allowed near the computers.
You may talk until the teacher "calls you to attention," this will signify that class has started.
There is to be no talking when someone speaks on the PA.
When Mrs. Wilkinson gives instruction, everyone is to have their computer screen locked.
When you have to go to the restroom, make eye contact with the teacher, do the restroom signal, receive the teacher's permission, get the teacher to sign your hall pass, and go to the restroom.
If you would like to complete work in Mrs. Wilkinson's class during lunch, ask for a lunch pass from Mrs. Wilkinson.
Check your email in class daily.
If you are returning from an absence, review the class website and check your email. You will have one class day for each day missed to make up work.
Class is not dismissed until everyone has logged off their computers, pushed in their chairs, and the teacher says, "Have a nice day."
Being Called to Attention
The teacher will say, "A hush fell over the crowd."

All students will then say, "hushhhh."

Then there is to be no talking.
Missing Assignments & Bringing Up Your Grade
Expectations & Consequences

Be trustworthy.
Listen actively.
Be respectful.
Demonstrate responsibility.
Do your personal best.


No Computer Use
Detention and/or phone call to parent
Parent/Teacher Conference
Referred to administration

Computer Care & Reminders
Log in with your student ID and be sure to log out before you leave. 8th period will shut down all the computers.

If there is a problem with your computer, notify the teacher and begin the basic troubleshooting procedures.

Do not touch the screen. Adjust the monitor by grabbing the plastic frame.

Save all work to either your Google Drive (preferable, so you can work on assignments at home) or on the Shared Drive.

After using Google Chrome, "delete yourself as a user" before logging off the computer.

Always leave your computer area tidy for the next user. If anything is out of place, dirty, improperly cared for, all users of the computer will be held accountable.

On occasion, we will dust and wipe down the computers.

Email Mrs. Wilkinson if you would like to attend a tutorial to ensure she will be present.

When you attend a morning tutorial, remember to bring a note to give to the front door monitor.

No checking personal email or social media accounts while in class.

Websites or apps that distract you from learning are not allowed.

Work handed in late will receive -20 points the first day and -5 points each day thereafter. If you do not turn your assignment in within a week of the due date, you will be assigned Friday Night Lights.

If you are unsatisfied with a grade you receive, attend a tutorial and redo the assignment. If you do this within the grading period, you can make the grade up to 70%.
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