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Gr 5/6 Puberty & Body Changes

No description

Jenna Walters

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Gr 5/6 Puberty & Body Changes

What's Happening to my Body?
Puberty Changes in Boys & Girls

Hair Growth

Hair begins to grow under the arms, on the legs, and in the pubic area
It is more coarse in the pubic region
Amount, color, & texture of the hair will vary with each person

Important due to new body changes and to avoid body odor
Having a bath or showering daily is important
Maybe use an anti-perspirant or deodorant
Remember that these are
substitutes for soap and water!
Always put on clean clothes after bathing
Mood Swings

Puberty can be fun, confusing, worrying and exciting
Moods can change quickly

Who are some people you could talk to when you're experiencing some of these emotions?
What is
Puberty is...

The period of growing and changing from a child to adult
Changes in your body, feelings, and social life
Each person is different and goes through puberty at their body’s own rate
Puberty is

Sometimes you may feel awkward, confused, or embarrassed
Remember all these changes are normal and happen to ALL of us!

Body changes are caused by
We'll be talking a lot about 3 specific
that are responsible for a lot of the changes that are & will be happening:
Grow several inches taller and notice you’re beginning to gain weight over only a few months
You may feel clumsy as you adjust to your new body & that's normal too!
Girls and boys gain weight differently
Girls' hips widen
Boys' shoulders widen
Oily Skin & Hair

During puberty, skin and hair become oily as glands beneath the skin start making
Sometimes this can clog pores and become infected with bacteria causing a pimple
You may notice acne appearing on your face, back, chest, and shoulders
Make sure to wash your face
in the morning when you wake up & before bed
This will help get rid of everyday dirt and oil on your face
Voice Changes

Everyone's voice will become deeper as your voice box grows
Boys’ voices “crack” and “Adam’s apple” will get bigger
Facial Hair

Hairs on upper lip, cheeks, chin, and throat become darker
Beard, mustache
May also notice darker hair on upper lip, but they will not get as much facial hair as boys
Some people you can talk to:
School nurse
Trusted adult

You are normal!
Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings
Fallopian Tubes
Female Reproductive System
Fallopian Tubes
Female Reproductive System

When you're not pregnant, menstruation happens once a month
The lining that the uterus prepares for a baby is shed because it is not needed
It will take 3-7 days for the lining to fully shed
When it comes out of your vagina, it will look brown or red
This is your period (menstruation)
It happens 1-2 years after you first notice other changes in your body, such as:
Breast changes
Growth of body hair
Vaginal discharge
It is a
part of growing up!
Once the lining is shed, a new lining begins to grow
This happens over and over again (until a woman is about 40-50 years old)
This is why it is called the
menstrual CYCLE
The cycle is usually
28 days,
but can vary from 20-40 days
For the first two years, periods can be very
Menstruation is a
part of puberty
It is NOT dirty or bad. You should celebrate it because it means you'll be able to have kids in the future, if that's something you want to do
The Menstruation Cycle
Coping with Menstruation

Continue to participate in regular activities, exercise, swimming, PE class
Can use hot water bottle, moderate exercise, sometimes ibuprofen for cramps
Personal hygiene is very important because menstrual blood may get dried in pubic hair
Always wipe front to back to prevent infection
What Products Should I Use?

Sanitary pads
are used to absorb menstrual fluid
It is a personal choice whether to use pads or tampons.
Most prefer to start off with pads while they get used to their period
Sanitary Pads or Napkins

Various sizes of pads available, as the flow during period varies
Pads have an adhesive strip which sticks to the underwear
Necessary to wear protection for entire period
Should be
changed every 3-4 hours
Dispose in basket and not toilet (wrap up)

A plug of soft, absorbent material inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual fluid
Often not used when period first starts
Should be
changed every 3-4 hours
This is very important!
Can lead to TSS (an infection)
The tampon is held in place by the muscles in the vagina
Common questions:
You cannot feel a tampon when it is inside you (if it is inserted correctly)
cannot get lost
inside of you
It is
safe to pee
when you have a tampon in your vagina
The Male Reproductive System
Vas Deferens

When the penis fills with blood, becomes hard and stands away from the body
Erections are

Usually they happen when you are excited sexually
Sometimes, though, they can happen when you're:
Or, for no reason at all
Development of Genitals

Penis won't grow very much when puberty first begins, but it will grow wider and longer over time
You may notice that your testicles will hang lower than before and seem larger
One testicle may grow a little faster than the other
(sac that holds and protects the testicles) will feel different and turn darker
Why do we need to learn about puberty?

Puberty can be confusing, stressful, & emotional
There are so many sources of information out there - your friends, the internet, books, & other adults
We want you to get the
right information
so you can grow up to be happy, healthy adults
Developing Sexual Feelings

sex hormones
your body is producing may cause you to have sexual feelings
Sexual feelings can make you want to be really close to someone who attracts you
As you reach puberty it is normal for you to start having strong feelings towards others
Breasts Grow & Develop

, nipples & breasts swell
Change isn't as big as it is in girls
They may feel tender
This is because your body is reacting to new hormones
Breasts Grow & Develop

, milk ducts begin to form and fat tissue forms around them for protection
Even though the ducts are developing, girls can't produce milk until they are pregnant
As they grow, breasts may feel sore or tender
It may take 6 or more years for the breasts to fully develop
They may not be exactly the same size - one can be bigger than the other
Vaginal Fluids

Once puberty begins, a girl may notice some
from the vagina on her underwear or toilet paper
The discharge may be white-ish and pasty, or clear and slippery
This is a normal process & its purpose is to keep the vagina clean & healthy
It means the body is maturing
Period may be starting soon
Seminal vesicles

When a male ejaculates, the
is projected out from the urethra, through the tip of the penis
The fluid that comes out (semen) will be white, creamy, and sticky
Usually comes out in 3 or 4 spurts
Although urine and semen both leave the body from the urethra, it is
not possible
for them both to travel at the
same time
Right before ejaculation, a special valve closes preventing urine from leaving the bladder
The penis will then return to normal (softer, smaller)
Development of Semen

During puberty,
cause the testicles to begin making sperm
are the male reproductive cells that unite with a woman's egg to create a baby
The sperm travel through the
vas deferns
and mix with a thick, white fluid
This mixture is called
The Penis

The head of the penis is called the
When a boy is born, there is a fold of skin covering the glans
This is called the

When a baby is one week old, some parents choose to have the foreskin removed by a doctor
It is a personal choice that families make
It may be for religious or health reasons
Wet Dreams

Wet dreams are when a male ejaculates while he's sleeping
1/3 of boys have their first ejaculation while they are asleep
This is a natural & normal way for your body to make room for new sperm
Not all boys have wet dreams
How to Cope with an Unexpected Erection

Try to focus on something else
Sit down when you get an erection
Remember.... it's probably more noticeable to you than anyone else

As we grow we may start to sweat more, especially under the arm pits
Another word for sweat is
Perspiration is how the body regulates temperature, and is normal and healthy
When sweat from your underarms and genital area combine with bacteria on your skin, the result is body odor
Before we start...

Let's talk about
ground rules

How can we make this a safe space to learn & ask questions while feeling comfortable?
Any questions are OK to ask!
There are
no silly questions
Remember we are all learning
Feel free to ask a question at
by putting your hand up (you don't have to wait until the end.... we like questions as we go!)
Please keep things that people say in the classroom
It is OK to "Pass"
Sometimes this stuff can make us feel a little uncomfortable. If that happens, just put your head on your desk and take a break.
What Happens, When?
Presented by Amy Lee & Jenna Walters
UBC School of Nursing
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