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Digital Marketing Plan

No description

Bryndís Marteinsdóttir

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan
Situation Analysis
Micro environment
Macro environment
Vörður's capabilities
-New visitors on the website

-Increased sales and leads from online channels
Search engine optimization
-Increased number of visits converted into sales or leads
-Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

improving the results
quality content
Update regularly
Pay-per-click search
increase ranking of PPC advertisements
appropriate landing pages will be applied
decrease the bounce rate
AB testing
increase site effectiveness
improve click through ratings and conversion ratings
Display advertising
personalized email offers
cross selling & up selling
valuable information
call to action - drive traffic onto www
improving customer awareness
reaching new customers
Facebook, Youtube
engaging the audience
display advertising
Social media
Usability testing
Service quality online
Usability of the website
Online questionnaire: WebQual
Customer satisfaction surveys
Collecting feedback from customers
Capacent Gallup
Social media strategy
Online Value Proposition
Thank you!
Any questions?
Berglind Hlín Aðalsteinsdóttir
Bryndís Marteinsdóttir
Karolina Rozmus
Digital channel strategies
Establishing a relationship
Reputation management
Driving traffic to the website
Driving sales
Data strategy
Multi-channel strategy
Integrating effective
Meet customers expectations
Customer journey map
Using analytics to become more customer-focused
Analyze transactions through call centers
Customer retention
The result: Improved quality of customer data to increase the relevanse of communication and personalisation
The Future of Vörður
visual advertisements displayed on associated sites
engage brand awareness
First time car insurance holder
Anna is 20 years old and just bought her first car and is looking for a insurance. She is a full time student and she also manages a part time job. She needs a basic insurance which would cover her car and would not make a huge impact on finances. Uses Facebook and Instagram and always has her iPhone.
Cost reduction and convenience users
Ole and Heba are young parents want to find insurance company that would offer additional products with the car insurance cover. They have two children and use the car very often to drive the children to kindergarten and school. Particularly they are interested in comfort of renting car seats for their children instead of having to purchase them. Use Facebook, own smartphones and use the iPad a lot.
Good record discount seeker
Emily is 35 years old and has been buying insurance with the company for 5 years. She has been driving for 17 years and only had one auto claim, where it was not her fault. Home insurance is also bought from the same insurance company, and thereby no claims have been filed. Because of a good record she wants to get a discount and pay less in premiums than other customers who don´t have such good records. Uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Owns an iPhone and also uses a laptop.
Elevated risk circumstances
Kate is 25 years old and i constantly driving because that is part of her job. The company she works for prefers that she uses her own car, they subsidize the cost including insurance. She wants to look into getting a better coverage for her house, because of the location of it is in a hazardous zone. Uses Facebook and Instagram. She is always on the phone and her iPad mini.
Extra protection seeker
David is 50 years old and wants to have everything taken care of, and does not want to argue if something happens. Drives a good car, travels a lot and drives in other countries when he is on business trips. He wants the insurance to cover him also when he is traveling. He has a small art collection that he would like to be covered as well. He is familiar with the process of filing a claim. Is not on social media but uses the Internet a lot and uses a smartphone.
17% market share
4th largest insurance company in Iceland
32.000 customers
perfect timing doing a digital marketing plan for the company
quality service
fast, easy, reliable, secure
website optimization
user experience
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