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Lesson 7 - Follow the Crowds

No description

Megan Reed

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Lesson 7 - Follow the Crowds

Lesson 7 - Follow the Crowds
Henry Plant
Setting Purpose
In this lesson you will read a text about Henry Plant and a text about Henry Flagler. While reading the texts you will look for similarities and differences between the two men focusing on drive, vision and entrepreneurship and how these 3 traits shaped the development of Florida in regards to industry, tourism and cities.
Compare and Contrast Chart
Now we’re going to transform our text marking into a graphic organizer called Open Contrast & Compare Chart. The Compare Contrast Chart is helpful for comparing two items or concepts that might be easily confused.

Henry Flagler
Portable Word Wall
ENTREPRENEUR - n. a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk
Students will be able to identify similarities and differences and draw a conclusion from them.
DRIVE - vigorous pressure or effort, as in business
VISION - the ability or an instance of great perception, esp of future developments
Your final product of this module will be to write an article for a historical journal that explains how the visions of Henry Plant and Henry Flagler affected the development of Florida. Today you will read two articles that discuss Henry Plant and Henry Flagler separately and will focus on the terms drive, vision, and entrepreneurship.
As you read each article, you will mark the text as follows:

• You will work with a partner and do a Read and Say Something. The leader will read the first paragraph or section of the text out loud for his/her partner. After reading the first section, the person who was following along will give what needs to be text marked (say something).When the discussion about the section ends, switch roles and the Say Something person reads the next section and the process

Read and Say Something
• You will work with your partner and use what you have text- marked on the articles “Henry Flagler’s Dream, the Over-Sea Railway, Came True 100 years ago, Connecting Miami to Key West” and “Henry Bradley Plant: The Remarkable Developer of Florida’s Gulf Coast”.
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