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When To Start A New Paragraph (Paragraphing)

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maria luna

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of When To Start A New Paragraph (Paragraphing)

Paragraphing: When To Start A New Paragraph
What Is A Paragraph?
In order to know when to start a paragraph you must first know.. what is a paragraph.
New Topic
Keep one idea to one paragraph.

-When you begin a new idea or point always start a new paragraph.
-If you have an extended idea that stretches through, make each new point within the idea a new paragraph
New Place/Setting
When the characters go to a new place you start a new paragraph (When To Make A New...)
A New Person Is Speaking (Dialogue)
In dialogue, each change of character is a new paragraph even if it is only a single word.
Dramatic Effect
There are times when the reader needs a break or you want a certain paragraph to stand out.
You can make a new paragraph
New Time
When you are skipping some time you start a new paragraph.
By:Maria Luna
A paragraph is a unit of thought.
Paragraphs have a grouping of sentences that are connected to each other. (The Essential Writer's Companion 133)
("When To Start A..." n.d)
The action that follows the dialogue remains in the same paragraph. It is still in one idea.
You know you are skipping time when you says things like...
-"When I got home.."
-"Seconds seemed like hours"
-"Later that day..."
-"Hours passed.."
(Noel 138)
" The next few moments are spent poking, prodding, and feeling for a pulse so faint the doctor nearly missed it. His voice grave, his porgnosis grim, his final pronouncement, the last thing Alrik won't accept it.

I am not long for this world
"There are other ways," he insists. "I have money. Lots and lots of money. You can have my entire fortune, whatever you want- just bring her back to me. I've heard the rumors, I know about the elixirs- the special brew that cures all ills, extending life for an indefinite amount of time...."
"I know nothing about that," the doctor insists, his tone sharp, resolute. "
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