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No description

Daniela Reyes Arellano

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of COURSE RULES

You can only arrive 10 minutes late to the classroom. After that, you CAN NOT enter the room.

The minimum attendance is 75%. If you don't have the minimum, you CAN NOT take the Oral Exam at the end of the course.

You CAN NOT eat in the classroom and your mobile phone has to be in silence.
We always work with a book that you will receive soon. It is
that you bring your book

Also, there will be extra material that you will have to bring to class; you will be informed in advance.

You don't need dictionary for the class.
During the semester, you will have 4 formal evaluations:

Test 1
(30%): 3 first units from the course.
Test 2
(30%): 3 last units from the course.
Oral Exam
(30%): 6 units from the course.
Teacher's Mark
(10%): 4-6 compositions about topics from the book.

The day of each Test, you can't have you bag or your mobile phone with you. All your things will be left in the front of the room

RII 4000
At the middle of the semester, we will start with individual oral presentations about ANY TOPIC YOU WANT. I will inform you about this when the time comes.

If you approve your level 4000, you will have to take your VRA exam.

The date for this exam will be informed as soon as Vicerrectoría sets the timetable.
Final Information
If you have any question during the class, feel free to ask. It's important that you leave the room with everything clear on your mind.

There will be a blog where you can practice your writing skills. I will inform you about this soon.
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