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What Every 8th Grade Parent Needs to Know

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AndaJo Hayes

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of What Every 8th Grade Parent Needs to Know

What Every 8th Grade Parent Needs to Know
So why is 8th grade so important???
In today's time, it is important for your children to begin high school with an awareness of the direction they will want to pursue. In order to achieve their direction they must be on the right path in 8th grade.

In other words: if your child would like to go to college when they graduate high school they will need to have completed all units that meet the requirements for that college. This begins freshman year. If they do not start off meeting these requirements they may squander their chances of getting into the college of their choosing. The counselors come to the school in March to collect the registration for their 9th grade year...they need to be on the right path before then!!!!
So why is 8th grade so important??????
The classes your child takes in 8th grade, the grades they achieve at Stauffer Middle and the state testing scores are all determining factors in the classes that are chosen for your child when they go to high school.

Students in 8th grade will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) test in math, English and Science. If you would like more information on these tests please visit:

The high school does a placement test called EDGE. They use the EDGE scores to determine if your child needs to be placed into a support English class. If your child tests into a support class, they will lose their elective choice. This become problematic if your child's ultimate goal is to attend a 4 year university right out of high school.

*ELD and Special Education classes do not meet the A-G requirement for classes to attend a 4 year university.

So what are A-G requirements?


Please note that the thinking of schools and districts, in coordination with the thoughts expressed by the state and federal government, is… CRITICAL THINKING IS NOW A KEY FACTOR IN YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION.

Important Dates
Report Cards and Progress Reports:

September 29th
: last day for teachers to submit grades for progress report 1
November 9th
: for 2nd Progress Report
December 22nd
: for end of the semester
March 2nd
: for 1st Progress Report for the 2nd semester
April 20th
: for 2nd Progress report for 2nd Semester
May 23rd
: for end of the year final grades. (Note: 8th graders have earlier due date)
June 1st
: Last day of school. Semester Report Cards will be mailed out in July

Don't forget....
What can I do?
Find out when important projects and essays are coming up and add them to your home calendar. What is awesome about technology now-a-days is there are several calendars that you can set up in your phones that can be shared!

Be involved in the school. Most parents start to become less involved in middle school, when this is the time they should be more involved. (clubs, library assistance, business contributions, attend PTA, and participate in school functions).

* note this does not mean doing everything for your child, this means being aware and taking action when necessary

Check out our homework help! Before school Every Day at 7am, Every Day at lunch and after school (Mon, Tues, Thurs, at 2:30 until 3:30)

Library is open before school, snack, lunch and after school

Teachers may have their own homework help times...you won't know if you don't ask...

Remind is a new app that is available in many classrooms...ask!

Saturday School

Don't forget the staff at Stauffer and the 8th grade counselor!!!!!
So tell me more about high school...
How do I get a hold of someone????
The best way to communicate is email!

Our website is:
(contains all sorts of info, including a calendar)

Q-Parent connect (which also contains a calendar)
Student connect (so students can connect and access their grades)

Downey has an app!

Teacher-Parent conference (call the front office to set up) before school or after school.

Leave a message at the front office for the person to call you at their convenience.

Spartan guide

Twitter- Follow us @DowneySpartans

Teacher Websites or Homework Pages
So what does this mean for me as a parent?
This means that your child should be challenged often, persevere, be expected to think and be responsible for their learning...

So make reading for knowledge a common occurrence, getting good grades a top priority and time management and study skills something that is modeled and practiced daily…

Never assume that your child knows how to manage time or study...sit down with them and check it out for yourself. Remember studying is not just looking at your notes...make flash cards, talk it over with study groups or reviewing the text book and study notes every night.

in other words... your child needs to meet a higher level of rigor, think independently and be responsible for their learning.
ACT Aspire testing
Nov. 3rd - 17th
• English:
• Spanish:

Thanksgiving Break –
Nov. 20th-24th

Winter Break:
Dec. 22nd – Jan. 5th

Spring Break:
April 2nd – 6th
April 12th - May 25th

Open House:
February 1st

PTA meeting dates:
2nd Thursday of every month
Academic Saturday School:
September 16th
October 28th
December 19th
February 3rd
March 10th
April 14th
May 12t
Most important!
Panoramic picture:

Promotion Pictures:
March 23
Cal State Long Beach:
8th Grade Awards:
Breakfast/Promotion Certificates:

6 classes a year for 4 years translates to 24 classes...
The Universities require between 15 to 18 of those classes...
Universities DO NOT accept “D’s” from a any class...
the average minimum GPA for most student to get accepted into college is not lower than a 3.0...
Not all classes at the high school transfer to every college- (A-G Requirements)... That leaves little wiggle room for error!

If your child does not get into the right classes in 9th grade they may not be able to get the necessary classes to go to the college of their
So whatever students do in 8th grade becomes critical to their success and placement in 9th grade.

This leads to the question I get asked most often: "How do I get my child into Honors classes at the high school?" There are 3 Honors classes and 1 AP class in 9th grade at Warren High School currently. The requirements for Honors English are an A in English and recommendation from the English teacher that the student is ready for an upper level course. The requirements for Honors Math are an A in math and a recommendation from the math teacher that the student is ready for an upper level course. The requirements for Honors Biology are an A in Science, an A in English and a recommendation from the science teacher that the student is ready for an upper level course. The requirements for the AP class are still being discussed but will definitely be based on an ability level for college level coursework.

Please remember...GPA in high school is important...having all honors classes with a low GPA is less helpful than taking regular college prep classes and getting a high GPA.
Where did they get this idea???

The universities and businesses
Know what your child is wearing to school and discuss with your child the difference between proper school clothes (work) and weekend wear (play).

Know who your child’s friends are and meet the parents of any friends that they spend a lot of time with.

Teach your children good study habits, time management, organizational skills and how to prioritize.

Discuss college with your child.
Go visit college campuses or look them up on the WEB and in Naviance.

College applications need to see extra activities besides academics (eg, volunteer work, club associations, sports, Renaissance, CJSF). Get your children involved!

Many parents are concerned that their child is having trouble with note taking and studying for tests. One program that is very effective at helping students prepare for college and learn necessary skills for being successful is AVID. Warren has the AVID program, if you have questions please contact your counselor.

The office would like me to remind you that:
students need to bring notes for absences or tardies
5 notes = detention
The importance of updating phone numbers for the school and dialer as well as medication changes.

8th grade activities: Any 8th grader with 2 or more F’s 1st semester will have an activity taken away permanently. Any 8th grader with 2 or more F’s at the end of the semester will not participate in ANY 8th grade activities.

Questions, Comments or Concerns???

Finding a direction: Naviance
As stated earlier, 8th grade is a time to find direction. That does not mean that a child needs to know exactly what they want to do, but they need to find a path to follow. DUSD has adopted a program to help with this...Naviance.
to your child and
to your child

See what trends are going on and monitor what your children see and hear.

Give your children responsibilities they can handle

Support the rules of the school (It is important that parents and the school provide a united front so that we can work as a TEAM to help your child)
Starting with the class of 2022:
Something to remember....
In 8th grade, every student should create a binder to keep all information that will be helpful for a college application. Certificates, volunteer work, extra curricular activities, and awards should all be kept in this binder. Make sure that volunteer work or contributions to charities are backed up with information. Create a volunteer form that will have printed names of the people and organization that you are working for as well as the signature of that person for verification of hours. Believe it or not...you need to start NOW! In addition, have your students document important life experiences in this binder. Many universities are having students write personal statements and having important key events written down can help!
Websites you should be looking into...
DUSD Vision

All students graduate with a 21st Century education that ensures they are college and career ready, globally competitive and citizens of strong character.

Stauffer Middle School is dedicated to work as partners with parents, students and the community to ensure that all students master Common Core grade level standards to become:
Critical Readers.
Community members with positive character traits.
Independent life-long learners.
Engaged communicators.
As a staff, we recognize the needs of a developing child through:
Professional Learning Communities.
Collaboration between school, home, and the community.
Reading, writing and speaking supported by evidence from texts.
A rigorous Common Core State Standards based curriculum.
Student-centered instruction through collaborative learning.
Modeling the five pillars of Character.
The California Standards for Professional leaders.

Stauffer Middle School Mission Statement:
Stauffer Spartans will...Read Critically, Communicate Effectively, and Strive for Success.
Get connected to your college. Find official college planning and preparation tools to help you succeed

College Navigator is a free consumer information tool designed to help students, parents, high school counselors, and others get information about over 7,000 colleges

http://www.csusuccess.org See what you need to know about California State Schools.

http://www.cde.ca.gov/ State testing web site which will have sample questions and answers to basic test information.

Information on financial aide for college



Information on colleges
If you want to know one of the best things to do to prepare for high school and beyond....
Children should love reading... so help them... read with them... discuss... have fun... model for them that reading is worthwhile.

If you make time...they will make time...
Valuable websites for Stauffer this year:
Math book online:
Where students can check their grades:
Google Drive
Math Books Online
"Beginning with the graduating class of 2022 the prescribed course of study for students enrolled in a diploma of graduation will include an increase from a two-year to a three-year math course requirement. In addition, students must complete two years of the same world language and complete one year of a visual and performing art."

AR 3126 Graduation
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