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Learning Champions workshop - 5 Sep 2011

Applying the Magenta Principles to 'My Last Duchess'

Pete Legowski

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Learning Champions workshop - 5 Sep 2011

The Magenta Principles Reductionism A murder mystery? Understanding "When we something, we not only possess certain information about it but are to certain things with that knowledge." Pick out the FIVE most important lines from the poem. Something is not quite right. Someone is dead, we think, but we're not really sure what has happened.

You each have some information so your task is to ask each other questions to uncover what has happened. BUT... The information you all have must be revealed through your questioning. You are allowed to read your statement out but you cannot show it to others. 'And The Main Thing Is...Learning' (p.153) And now the SINGLE most important one. Can you explain your choice? How does this line REPRESENT the poem better than any other? Does it REALLY encapsulate the poem's meaning? "a primary goal of education" (DfES) 'Smart Schools' (p.251) do enabled understand Reductionism Reduce the poem by taking turns to remove one word at a time - without altering the meaning of the poem! One person in the group will be the judge. The first person to alter the meaning of the poem significantly is out. Continue with the remaining two students until the next one is disqualified. OR So what's the
poem about? Draw the poem! Or a bit of it. Or your favourite part of it. What questions would you ask the characters in this poem? Ask only or questions HOW WHY How could you apply these activities, and the Magenta Principles, to your own subject? "In order to make sense of information you must do more than simply receive and reproduce it - you have to do something to it."
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