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Three pig dieases

No description

riley stupek

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Three pig dieases

Pig diseases by riley and kylie SVP single vessel perfusion PAR Progressive Atrophic Rhinitis is the inflammation of the tissues inside the nose and in its mild form its very common. PMWS Post Multisystemic Weaning Syndrome Progressive Atrophic Rhinitis Single vessel perfusion means your arteries has blockage. The heart has 3 main arteries that surround it, the right coronary, left anterior descending, and the circumflex. If there is a blockage in one of these, and not the others, you have single vessel disease. The disease is associated in part with a porcine circovirus (PCV), so called because its DNA is in the form of a ring. It is extremely small and hardy. SYMPTOMS Wasting, ill thrift, and dyspnea are the clinical signs seen most frequently in outbreaks of PMWS There is no treatment for PMWS. Antibiotic therapy to control other infectious agents does not appear to affect the course once clinical signs appear. However, use of antibiotics may help prevent additional cases through control of intercurrent infections. treatment symptoms Sows may carry the pasteurella organism.Possible distortion of the face. Early signs can be seen in sucking pigs; sneezing, snuffling and a nasal discharge. •Runny eyes, tear staining. Conjunctivities, Twisting, shortening and wrinkling of the nose and or upper jaw.
Etc. In-feed medicate sows with trimethoprim/sulpha or sulphadimidine from point of entry into the farrowing house through to weaning. (500g/tonne) Inject pigs similarly at weaning time with 0.5 to 1ml of long-acting antibiotic. This treatment programme should continue for a period of at least 2 months after all sows have been fully vaccinated. TREATMENT The symptoms are Symptoms symptoms are and may include death, weakness in heartbeat, and also heavy breathing. treatment One of a few treatments are a medication you can get at a local veterinary clinic.
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